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Huhne Keeps Solar Industry in Limbo

January 30, 2012 by Vicky Portwain

Chris Huhne, energy secretary, has taken another step to undermine the solar industry in seeking to appeal to the Supreme Court to defend his feed in tariff cuts. The saga of the cuts started back in October when Chris Huhne first proposed that the rate that home-owners received for their excess energy should be halved. Although the...[read more]

Canada’s Largest Solar Rooftop, Case Study Part Four

October 26, 2010 by Derek Wong

The final part of this case study on Canada’s largest solar rooftop focuses on the Ontario Feed-In Tariff program application. We look at how LoyaltyOne got their FIT program approval to become the first system to feed the Ontario power grid. The Feed-In Tariff application for LoyaltyOne’s pioneering renewable energy system was...[read more]

Ontario Feed-In Tariff Program: $8 billion of Deals So Far

April 14, 2010 by Derek Wong

Ontario, the largest province in Canada, announced the approval of 184 renewable energy projects worth $8 billion under their Feed-In Tariff program. Widely covered by the press (Globe & Mail, CBC, Toronto Star, even the New York Times), the announcement of the first wave of projects was greeted by climate change action...[read more]

Ontario approves a motherload of green energy projects: 2,500 MW of capacity

April 8, 2010 by Tyler Hamilton

The Ontario Power Authority, which designed and is in charge of administering the province’s feed-in-tariff program, announced micro and small/medium sized FIT contracts earlier this year totaling 112 megawatts. Today, it issued the big one: the awarding of 184 contracts for projects larger than 500 kilowatts. In total, and assuming all...[read more]