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Mexico Issues Clean Technologies and Fuels Strategy, Including for Wind Energy

February 2, 2015 by Justin Miller

The core of Mexico's Transition Strategy is its enumeration of a series of recommendations for Mexico to increase the use of cleaner technologies and fuels, including energy savings in buildings, industry and transport, bioenergy, wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy, and more.[read more]

Yes, Virginia, There is CCS

December 26, 2014 by David Hone

Carbon Capture and the Future

Yes, Virginia, there is CCS. It exists as certainly as amine separation, compressors and drilling rigs exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life energy and mobility. Alas! How dreary and warm might the world be someday be if there is no CCS![read more]

The Department of Energy Wants to Channel the Entrepreneurial Spirit at National Labs

November 8, 2014 by Katherine Tweed

Department of Energy and National Labs

Sometimes a little money can go a long way. That is the hope of the Department of Energy’s new $2.3 million pilot program, Lab-Corps, which will attempt to accelerate the transfer of technology from the national labs and out into the marketplace.[read more]

A Common Energy-Saving Device that I've Never Seen in the United States

October 8, 2014 by Catherine Wolfram

Building Energy Savings

I tend to think of the US as ahead of most of the rest of the world when it comes to energy efficiency. Our utilities are spending billions of dollars per year encouraging energy efficiency. But in France, Singapore and Kenya I've seen an energy-saving device that I’ve never seen in the US.[read more]

Excitons Observed in Action for the First Time

April 19, 2014 by Energy @ MIT

Solar Tech Advancements

A quasiparticle called an exciton — responsible for the transfer of energy within devices such as solar cells, LEDs, and semiconductor circuits — has been understood theoretically for decades. But exciton movement within materials has never been directly observed.[read more]

A Molecular Approach to Solar Energy

April 15, 2014 by Energy @ MIT

Solar Tech Innovation


It’s an obvious truism, but one that may soon be outdated: The problem with solar power is that sometimes the sun doesn’t shine.Now a team at MIT and Harvard University has come up with an ingenious workaround, a material that can absorb the sun’s heat and store energy in chemical form.[read more]

SmartLight Set To Change Way We Use Energy

November 16, 2013 by Joshua Hill

Innovation and Lighting

A new technology called SmartLight has been presented at Italy’s CasaClima international energy forum, a technology that uses sunlight, electrofluidic cells, and a series of open-air “ducts” to use sunlight to naturally illuminate spaces deep inside office buildings.[read more]


Re-engineering Internal Combustion Engine Could Deliver Big MPG Boost at Lower Cost with Fewer Emissions

October 18, 2013 by Jim Pierobon

Internal Combustion Redesign?

Securing America’s Future Energy shined a spotlight on Achates Power as a finalist for its Emerging Innovation Award created to showcased technologies that are driving fundamental improvements in energy security and that have the potential to reach the market within the next five years.[read more]

How Low Can Solar Energy Go?: Empa's New Thin Film Breakthrough

August 17, 2013 by Tina Casey

Solar Energy Innovation

When the Carter Administration installed solar panels at the White House back in 1979, photovoltaic cells were space age technology that most households could not afford, aside from the rare DIY-er. Now the price of solar power has been sinking like a stone.[read more]

Bloom Energy Raises $130M More for Fuel Cell Future

May 12, 2013 by Eric Wesoff

Bloom Energy fuel cells

Fuel cell "startup" Bloom Energy just raised $130 million more in venture capital, taking total funding to beyond $1.1 billion for this firm and makes it one of the all-time leaders in venture capitalization.[read more]

Innovation: The Future of Tires

March 17, 2013 by Tom Schueneman

materials innovation

Tire manufacturers are searching for alternative ingredients for tires as the demand for rubber and eco-friendly products increases. Engineering innovation and organic ingredients are ushering in the next era of tires.[read more]

Cleantech Development vs Deployment

June 8, 2010 by Christopher Williams

This comes from our industry insider Matt Marino, founder of Clean Pursuits and Switchback Life. In Boston, Technology and Innovation are personified like Greek gods, but its mere mortals that bring these forces to life. Readers of The Green Light Distrikt are likely also technology and innovation enthusiasts.  We have to be...[read more]

Global Yawning: De Boer Resigns; Should UN Get Out of Climate Biz?

February 18, 2010 by Scott Edward Anderson

The UN's top climate change official, Yvo de Boer, says he will leave his post after four years, reportedly to take a consulting position with KPMG, according the BBC News this morning. He will vacate the position at the end of June, only 5 months before 193 countries will get together again for another shot at a climate deal. But...[read more]

Technologies for Clean Electricity Generation: Challenges and Opportunities (Part 1)

November 4, 2009 by Pierre Guimond

Recently, the Canadian Electricity Association organized a joint strategic session where we welcomed members of our Corporate Partners Committee along with members of our Generation Council. Corporate Partners are the many firms that provide equipment, services and technology to the electricity industry, and the Generation Council is...[read more]

Welcome N.Y. Times readers to the debate of the decade: Technology development vs. deployment

April 6, 2008 by Joseph Romm

Andy Revkin writes in the New York Times today (see here) about what I believe is the climate debate of the decade. He mentions me and by name (Note to self: Woo-hoo!). This post will serve as an introduction to this crucial topic for new readers and old. I will devote many of the posts this week to laying out the “...[read more]