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What Would the Recently Proposed Senate Climate Legislation Accomplish?

February 28, 2013 by John Miller

Senators Sanders and Boxer have proposed the Climate Protection and Sustainable Energy Acts to reduce U.S. carbon emissions and end subsidies for fossil fuels.[read more]

Kerry-Boxer Climate Bill Allowance Allocation Breakdown

October 27, 2009 by Jesse Jenkins

Originally at the Breakthrough InstituteLate Friday night, Senator Barbara Boxer's Environment and Public Works Committee released a new draft of the Kerry-Boxer "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act" (S.1733), the first version of the legislation to detail how emissions allowances created by the bill will be divvied up. These...[read more]

Boxer releases Chairman’s mark of Senate clean energy bill; EPA releases economic analysis finding cost to U.S. households of under $10 a month

October 24, 2009 by Joseph Romm

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today released the text of the Chairman’s Mark of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S. 1733).Senator Boxer said, “We’ve reached another milestone as we move to a clean energy future, creating millions of jobs and protecting...[read more]

Reid aide walks back Senate Majority Leader’s comment on climate bill timing

September 16, 2009 by Joseph Romm

Just hours after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) floated the notion that cap-and-trade bill MAY wait till 2010, a top aide unfloated it, as E&E News (subs. req’d) reports today: Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman, insisted last night that “no decisions have been made” on floor timing for a comprehensive climate and energy bill. “...[read more]