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Green Investing

The $100 Million Green Bond From Hannon Armstrong

December 31, 2013 by Herman Trabish

Green Bonds

Infrastructure investor Hannon Armstrong launched a $100 million green bond offering. The bonds will mature in December 2019 and are backed by 100 individual wind, solar, and energy efficiency infrastructure installations at twenty properties valued at approximately $110 million.[read more]

Researching and Defining CleanTech

October 5, 2007 by AndyDeitz

Quality research must encompass the complex picture of how consumer behavior, business strategy and policy must work together to create a sustainable future. The right outcome will include choices for consumer, new markets and forward thinking leadership. The Business of Climate ChangeSummaryMany (of Lehman Brothers) clients have...[read more]

Canada's alternative energy stocks having a bad summer?

August 23, 2007 by DanLewis

Canada is a nation blessed with no end of natural resources - both hydrocarbon and renewable. A brief look at the Toronto Stock Exchange has always shown a multitude of mining companies and increasingly, today, alternative energy companies.But this article "Rough summer for alternative energy stocks" reminds us that not even the best of...[read more]


August 23, 2007 by Marc Gunther

“We’re in the people business, but we happen to serve coffee,” Jim Donald says. Jim’s the CEO of Starbucks, and we had a great talk earlier today. It was the first time we’d spoken although I’ve followed Sbux for years and wrote a chapter about the company in my book Faith and Fortune. I’m also such a loyal customer that the company...[read more]