american council for an energy efficient economy

The World Wants a Solution to Climate Change: Here It Is

December 10, 2012 by Sara Hayes

This week in Doha, Qatar, world leaders are struggling with how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions fast enough, and in amounts great enough, to protect people from the droughts, food shortages, rising sea levels, and severe weather events that climate change is likely to bring.Leaders are debating a range of solutions including carbon...[read more]

Energy Efficiency Looks Beyond the Natural Gas Boom

September 18, 2012 by Rachel Young

The recent boom in shale gas production and the subsequent decrease in the price of natural gas have left some wondering what the role for energy efficiency will be in the future. As a new ACEEE white paper explains, energy efficiency measures are still cost-effective in any foreseeable natural gas price environment.[read more]

ACEEE 2010 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard: Beyond the Rankings.

October 14, 2010 by Peter Troast

Yesterday the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released its 2010 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard (log-in required), a much anticipated report that ranks states based on their efforts to increase energy efficiency through policy--utility and public benefits programs, transportation policies, building energy codes,...[read more]

McKinsey must-read: U.S. can meet entire 2020 emissions target with efficiency and cogeneration while lowering the nation’s energy bill $700 billion!

July 29, 2009 by Joseph Romm

More than perhaps any other company, McKinsey has documented how an aggressive energy efficiency strategy sharply lowers the cost of climate action (see “McKinsey 2008 Research in Review: Stabilizing at 450 ppm has a net cost near zero”). Today they released their most comprehensive analysis to date of this country’s energy efficiency...[read more]