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Why the Next Generation of Nuclear Energy Technology Innovation Won't Be like the Last One

January 4, 2016 by Dan Yurman

Changes are taking place in the industrial world that will shape the future of the nuclear industry. The nuclear industry must respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is taking place in Europe and Asia and will soon influence the United States.[read more]

Can a New Generation of Startups Revolutionize the Nuclear Industry?

April 8, 2015 by Stephen Lacey

Future Nuclear Technology and Industry Risk

Small modular nuclear reactors are often hailed as the savior of the struggling nuclear industry. They’re cheaper, safer and more flexible than traditional reactors. But many small modular reactor designs are also not fully proven on a commercial scale – and they’ll likely not achieve scale for another decade.[read more]

South Korea Expands its Nuclear Energy Export Horizons

March 14, 2015 by Dan Yurman

Among the powerhouse nuclear energy export nations, South Korea has inked some impressive accomplishments in the past month. Most significantly, it inked the first sale of commercial nuclear energy technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[read more]

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Modular Nuclear Energy

January 24, 2015 by Maria Robinson

Modular Nuclear Power

Small modular reactors (SMRs) are small-footprint nuclear power plants that have the ability to be sized between 10 MW and 300 MW. There are numerous SMR plant designs, though SMRs all rely on the same nuclear fission technology of larger plants.[read more]

Back to the Future: Advanced Nuclear Energy and the Battle Against Climate Change

January 20, 2015 by Josh Freed

Advanced Nuclear and Climate Change

What, after a 30-year drought, is drawing smart young people back to the nuclear industry? The answer is climate change. Nuclear energy currently provides about 20 percent of the electric power in the United States, and it does so without emitting any greenhouse gases.[read more]

Putting Excitement Back into Nuclear Technology Development [VIDEO]

December 16, 2014 by Rod Adams

Nuclear Tech and Future Development

Josh Freed, Third Way‘s clean energy vice president, has published a thoughtful, graphically enticing Brookings Essay titled 'Back to the Future: Advanced Nuclear Energy and the Battle Against Climate Change.' It focuses on Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie of Transatomic Power.[read more]

DOE Loans Are Only the Beginning for Much-Needed Investment in Nuclear

October 9, 2014 by Jessica Lovering

Nuclear Loans and Support

The Department of Energy’s announcement for up to $12.6 billion in loan guarantees for advanced nuclear is great news for dozens of US companies developing cutting-edge nuclear power technologies struggling to find support in the US market.[read more]

The Importance of Innovation to the Nuclear Industry

February 13, 2014 by Milton Caplan

Innovation and Nuclear Energy

A comment caught my attention at a recent nuclear industry event. The comment was that a hi-profile agency with a mandate to do research in advanced technology across industries had no interest in attending any events to learn more about nuclear power, because “nuclear is not innovative.”[read more]

Japan Searches For Nuclear Export Deals

September 1, 2011 by Dan Yurman

The hunt is on in Vietnam, Turkey, and elsewhereYoshihiko Noda, new prime minister of Japan (Photo: Wikipedia) The Japanese government, in close cooperation with some of the nation’s largest heavy industrial manufacturers, is seeking to export Japan’s nuclear technologies, products, and services despite the loss of six reactors on...[read more]

The Molten Salt Reactor Family: One Fluid Reactors

May 2, 2011 by Charles Barton

One of the fundamental ways to classify Molten Salt Reactors is the concept of one and two fluid reactors. A one fluid reactor is homogeneous, or as David LeBlanc explains, both the fertile and fissile material is within the same carrier salt.It might be added that moderators and fission products can also be carried in the single fluid...[read more]

Oak Ridge supercomputers to model nuclear reactors

May 29, 2010 by Dan Yurman

Department of Energy will spend $122 million over next five years. The future of nuclear energy will be found in software. The Department of Energy announced this week it will spend $122 million over the next five years to establish and operate a new Nuclear Energy Modeling and Simulation Energy Innovation Hub. The project is called...[read more]

A Second Manhattan Project?

October 11, 2009 by Charles Barton

The conventional view is that it would take a long time to develop Generation IV nuclear technology. This is mistaken because the Indians expect to complete a commercial Generation IV Fast Breeder Prototype Reactor in 2011, and then begin to build standard production reactors immediately after. They currently expect to complete at least...[read more]

Fourteen Proliferation Questions

July 18, 2009 by Charles Barton

Fourteen Proliferation Questions. 1. Can nuclear proliferation be effectively avoided through alteration of commercial nuclear technology to increase its proliferation resistance? 2. Should domestic manufactured and sold nuclear technology be modified to increase its proliferation resistance?3. Should proliferation resistance be built...[read more]