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energy infrastructure

A Concept for Optimizing Strategic Energy Infrastructure?

April 14, 2014 by Roman Kilisek

Optimal Energy Infrastructure

A timely new report published by the World Economic Forum in April 2014 titled “Strategic Infrastructure Steps to Operate and Maintain Infrastructure Efficiently and Effectively” addresses an important area for necessary investment globally: infrastructure.[read more]

Powering Myanmar: FDI, Geopolitics, and the Appetite for Risk

March 31, 2014 by Kate Rosow Chrisman

Myanmar and Development Risk

While residents of Myanmar protest over electricity – sometimes on pricing, other times on access and most recently on environmental concerns and Chinese involvement – foreign investors are watching Myanmar’s opening economy with hungry eyes.[read more]

Fueling the Industrial Heartland

March 31, 2014 by David Hone

Fueling the Heartland

There is no doubt that solar PV uptake is faster than most commentators imagined and it is clear that this is starting to change the landscape for the utility sector, but talk of “death spirals” may, in the words of Mark Twain, be an exaggeration.[read more]

Energy Efficiency & Demand Response Keep Power Flowing in Extreme Weather

March 18, 2014 by NRDC Switchboard

Something extraordinary occurred this winter that kept the lights on and people warm during record-breaking cold. Energy efficiency and demand response emerged to save the day, preventing potentially life-threatening power shortages across much of the Midwest and Northeast.[read more]

Report: China Outspent US on Smart Grid in 2013

February 24, 2014 by Jeff St. John

After years of predictions that China will take the lead from the United States on smart grid investment, it appears that the moment has arrived. China invested $4.3 billion on smart grid in 2013, far outpacing U.S. spending of $3.6 billion in the same period.[read more]

In the Dark, Again and Again

February 11, 2014 by Lewis Milford

If we're going to deal with increasingly severe climate-related power outages and are going to make our communities more resilient, we in the environmental community have to change the kinds of technologies we propose to solve the problem. Investing in the same old stuff is not a climate resilient solution.[read more]


China's Electricity Sector at a Glance: 2013

February 3, 2014 by Michael Davidson

China's Electricity Sector

It is quite a challenge to pin down an electricity system that has grown 10.8 percent annually over the last decade, doubled power generation in just 7 years and added 80-90 gigawatts (GW) – the equivalent of the United Kingdom’s entire generating capacity –every year.[read more]

When it Comes to Our Need for Electricity, Reliability is Essential

December 31, 2013 by Milton Caplan

Infrastructure Reliability

Over this holiday season in North America the importance of electricity to our very survival has become more evident. On the Friday before Christmas the northeast United States and Canada were hit with a massive ice storm. Hundreds of thousands of people lost power.[read more]

Calling All Village Infrastructure Angels

December 4, 2013 by Justin Guay

Infrastructure and Energy

While it could potentially be clean energy's next big market, off grid clean tech suffers from an acute lack of finance. That's the real barrier to ramping up efforts to finally move 1.3 billion people around the whole world from darkness to light.[read more]


How the US Energy Renaissance and Infrastructure Build-out Benefits American Households

December 2, 2013 by Mary Lyman

The prosperity of the American economy is in many ways dependent on a robust national energy infrastructure that moves energy resources from the production fields to our communities. This infrastructure is a complex network of pipelines, storage facilities, and refined products that fuel the country.[read more]

A Smart Grid Thanksgiving List

November 27, 2013 by Christine Hertzog

The Atlantic magazine had a recent article about the top 50 innovations in human history in the last 6000 years. Number one on the list was the printing press. Will any current or future technology breakthroughs found in Smart Grid buildouts be identified in a similar list in 25 years?[read more]

Good Electricity Grids Make Good Neighbors

November 22, 2013 by Daniel Kammen

In the poem “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost asserted that “good fences make good neighbors.” World history is replete with foreign policy built around physical walls, from Emperor Hadrian, to the Great Wall of China. Today we face a different situation, where “front lines” of conflict have disappeared.[read more]

EU Energy Market: Regulators 'Can't Promise Lower Prices' [VIDEO]

November 22, 2013 by Kasper Peters

EU Energy Market Regulation

Alberto Pototschnig, the director of the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators discusses the EU energy market, major infrastructure projects and the impact they can have on energy prices for consumers.[read more]

EU Energy Briefing: State Aid, Unbundling Distribution, Efficiency & Infrastructure Projects [VIDEO]

October 31, 2013 by Kasper Peters

EU Energy Briefing

In this latest issue of the Brussels Briefing on Energy, Hughes Belin, a leading energy journalist for viEUws - the EU Policy Broadcaster, provides an overview of the latest developments in the field of European Union energy policy.[read more]

UK Nuclear Deal Is A Bet on Baseload Power

October 24, 2013 by Geoffrey Styles

Monday's agreement between the UK government and French utility EDF and a pair of Chinese firms marks the start of the long-awaited turnover of the country's aging nuclear power infrastructure. The deal is controversial, not least for the power price guaranteed to the developers.[read more]