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cap and trade

Cap-and-Trade Throws a Wrench Into the Gears of Green Consumerism

January 8, 2014 by Meredith Fowlie

Cap-and-Trade and Green Consumerism

Understanding the link between your appliance use and your energy bills is important. I hope Santa brought everyone a kill-a-watt to use for this purpose. But for many households, cost savings alone provide insufficient motivation to reduce energy consumption.[read more]

California Marks First Anniversary of Cap-and-Trade

November 14, 2013 by Lucas Bifera

In the year since California launched the nation’s largest greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program, the state has proven that climate change action can be led by states and can even spread across national borders.[read more]

California's Cap-and-Trade Market Still Needs a Price Ceiling

October 1, 2013 by Severin Borenstein

The California Air Resources Board has issued proposed changes to their policy on price containment, which the Board will consider at their October meeting. While they are a step in the right direction, they don’t go far enough to address the fundamental risk to the market.[read more]

Remembering the Contributions of Ronald Coase

September 16, 2013 by Robert Stavins

On September 2nd, Ronald Coase, professor emeritus of economics at the University of Chicago Law School, Nobel laureate, and principal creator of the academic field of law and economics, passed away at the age of 102.[read more]

On Carbon Taxes and Competition

August 20, 2013 by Bill Chameides

The US and China are talking different languages on reducing carbon emissions. In the U.S., the Obama administration is the name of the game on federal action. As for legislation, I would say there’s a snowball’s chance Congress will pass any climate bill. Anybody care to debate?[read more]

Economics and Politics in California: Cap-and-Trade and Trade Exposure

August 19, 2013 by Robert Stavins

No matter how often I meet with policy makers on alternative policy instruments for climate change and other environmental problems, I never cease to be struck by the confusion that abounds regarding the consequences of the initial allowances in a cap-and-trade system.[read more]

South Korea May Launch World’s Most Ambitious Cap And Trade Market

May 19, 2013 by Silvio Marcacci

South Korean carbon emissions

With roughly 18 months until launch, South Korea appears ready to create the world’s most ambitious cap and trade market, with the highest global price on carbon.[read more]


Audio & Slides: "How to Save a Planet On a Budget" Part 1 - Carbon Markets

December 19, 2011 by Amelia Timbers

Welcome to the audio archive & slides for the first chunk of our green finance summit "How To Save The Planet on A Budget". This first session focuses on carbon: 1. Carbon: Pricing It, Taxing It + Trading It, Moderated by Gernot Wagner Featuring: Janet Peace, Lee Thiessen, Lucas Merrill Brown[read more]

Latest Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Auction Nets $25.5 Million

June 14, 2011 by Nathanael Baker

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the United States' first market-based regulatory mechanism to reduce carbon emissions, has completed its 12th quarterly carbon credit auction. The auction [pdf] saw 12,537,000, or 30%, of the 42,034,184 available carbon allowances sold.  25 entities submitted successful bids to acquire...[read more]

The Carbon Price Debate As Smokescreen For Inaction

June 10, 2011 by Breakthrough Institute

The following essay was written by Tad Tietze and Elizabeth Humphrys, and originally published at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website ( The opinions expressed in the essay are those of the authors alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Breakthrough Institute. What if one of the biggest...[read more]

Australia's Carbon Tax Debate

June 6, 2011 by Big Gav

The ABC has a look at some of the campaigning over the carbon tax - Carbon's Bill.CHRIS CLARK: But a $26 carbon price has been welcomed by some.JOHN CONNOR, CLIMATE INSTITUTE: Not a bad starting point. It will drive changes in the way in which generation - energy generation - is delivered right now.CHRIS CLARK: But it's not enough for...[read more]


What Are We Missing? Day Three at WindPower 2011

May 26, 2011 by Alex Trembath

 WindPower 2011 is finishing up today in Anaheim, but I had to cut loose early and get back to the Bay Area. My coverage of Sunday and Monday are available here at The Energy Collective. After being only slightly overwhelmed with the technology and brainpower surging through the convention show floor, I...[read more]

The more things change...

April 21, 2011 by Alex Trembath

...the more they stay the same. In the year since I started this blog, we've witnessed many substantial changes, events, and progressions on the energy/climate frontier. And yet, on the whole, it seems American policy hasn't evolved much at all. Three examples illustrate this frustrating truth*.As you may have heard, this week is the one...[read more]

An Argument For A Gas Tax

April 18, 2011 by Simon Donner

Last Thursday I gave a talk at the annual American Association of Geographers meeting in Seattle. The AAG attracts throngs and throngs of academic geographers from around the world. Frankly, the meeting is so big you need to be a geographer to navigate your way to a chosen talk, the subject of which may very well be a Marxist analysis of...[read more]

Congress Defers to EPA on Climate Policy

April 8, 2011 by Geoffrey Styles

The confrontation over climate policy that was teed up by the results of last November's mid-term election culminated with the House of Representatives voting overwhelmingly yesterday to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its power to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. However, the more crucial votes took place...[read more]