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For the EU, the Type of Target Really Matters

January 21, 2014 by David Hone

EU Emissions Targets

As the EU Commission gears up to release its 2030 Energy and Climate White Paper in Davos week, there is considerable discussion regarding the emissions reduction target that will be recommended. Historically the EU has been keen on multiple targets, but in recent years this has backfired.[read more]

CERA Week and smart grid “thought leadership”

March 14, 2011 by Lynne Kiesling

As you energy gurus know, CERA is one of the leading consulting firms in the energy space, and hosts an increasingly popular event called CERA Week — rather like the Davos of the energy world! In support of the event this past week, CERA has splashed out for two large advertising sections in the Wall Street Journal. Wednesday’s special...[read more]

The "Water-Food-Energy Nexus"

February 14, 2011 by Geoffrey Styles

A summary of annual risk forecasts in a Linked-In group led me to a very interesting presentation on global risks from the World Economic Forum, the body that puts on the annual movers-and-shakers shindig at Davos, Switzerland. Among the risks they highlighted are those associated with what they termed the "water-energy-food nexus". The...[read more]

World Economic Forum, Lindsey Graham: "Every day that we delay trying to find a price for carbon is a day that China uses to dominate the green economy.”

January 31, 2010 by Joseph Romm

It is shaping up to be the Great Game of the 21st century.  To top officials and business executives here at the World Economic Forum, Topic A this year was the race to develop greener, cleaner technology….  it is a battle for potentially millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in export revenues. “Six months ago my biggest...[read more]

Davos 2008

February 7, 2008 by ShaiAgassi

I usually come back from WEF events with lots of stories to share and a great new view of the world. This year however I had no time to get to a single session (well, other than 20 minutes in a Gordon Brown impressive presentation on the state of the world - the man is the most cerebral leader I have ever seen). The general conversation...[read more]