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Fight China's Smog with Ethanol: Interview with Chen Lin

February 8, 2014 by Jim Patrick

Chen Lin writes the popular stock newsletter What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling?, published and distributed by Taylor Hard Money Advisors Inc. He employs a value-oriented approach and often demonstrates excellent market timing due to his exceptional technical analysis.[read more]

China Fights Airpocalypse: A New Air Pollution Initiative That Just Might Work

January 15, 2014 by NRDC Switchboard

There is something new that went into effect New Year’s Day in China to address that country’s terrible pollution problems. The Chinese central government has just required roughly 15,000 of the country’s biggest factories to publicly report their air emissions and wastewater discharges continuously.[read more]

The Cleantech Crash: 60 Minutes Asks the Wrong Question

January 13, 2014 by James Greenberger

Lesley Stahl’s segment on 60 Minutes last Sunday entitled the “Cleantech Crash” has been the subject of much commentary. The segment largely reiterates the popular storyline that the U.S. Department of Energy wasted billions of dollars on worthless Cleantech investments.[read more]

Chinese Plan to Dominate Nuclear Energy Market Worldwide

January 9, 2014 by Rod Adams

China and Nuclear Energy

The best way for American companies to successfully capture a substantial portion of the world energy market using emission-free nuclear energy technology is to focus on our own strengths and weaknesses. We need to practice hard and sell what we know how to do well.[read more]

Striving Towards the Eco-City: Experience from Huainan, China

January 2, 2014 by NRDC Switchboard

China Eco City

China’s rapid urbanization in the last 30 years has brought about many problems. The country is now facing a huge challenge to balance economic development with environmental conservation and social stability. How can we build a better city that can provide a better life for its citizens?[read more]

Reuters Breakout Series Focuses on China's Interest in Thorium

December 23, 2013 by Rod Adams

Reuters is running a series titled 'Breakout: Inside China’s Military Buildout.' Installment number six is titled 'The U.S. government lab behind Beijing’s nuclear power push.' The title is misleading; it is not about China’s world-leading, multibillion-dollar program.[read more]

China's Factory Owners Look for Energy Savings

December 7, 2013 by Charles Arthur

China Factory Energy Savings


A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek reports that for decades after China started trading with the United States in 1979, most factory managers didn’t focus on electricity prices, but now factory bosses in China are looking at ways to cut costs through greater energy efficiency.[read more]


The Explosive Growth of Steel Production in China: Why It Matters

November 27, 2013 by Robert Wilson

China and Steel

China's steel industry now consumes two times more energy than global production of wind and solar energy. This disparity illustrates how little has been achieved in transitioning to low carbon energy and the profound challenges such a transition will face.[read more]


Does Thorium Deserve a Role in Next-Generation Nuclear Energy?

October 31, 2013 by Jim Pierobon

Thorium and Next-Gen Nuclear

The advantages of thorium and liquid-fueled reactors deserve to be researched and developed in ways that would tackle climate challenges while sustaining and expanding a valuable industry. That's what China, India, Norway, South Korea, South Africa and other nations seem to have in mind.[read more]

Air Pollution: Keeping Watch on the Sky Over Beijing

October 31, 2013 by Peter Lehner

Beijing Air Pollution

When I last visited China, my days in Beijing and Chengdu were spent under a blanket of haze. Some days I could taste metal on my lips when we ventured outdoors. Experiencing Chinese air pollution never fails to bring home to me how vital strong clean air laws are for any country.[read more]

Energy Risk: India's Coal Bubble

October 18, 2013 by Justin Guay

A few short years ago the assumption that coal demand was essentially endless in China and India was seen as irrefutable. Now this 'coal consensus' is breaking as analysts from Citi Bank to Bernstein predict a rapidly approaching peak in Chinese coal demand.[read more]

China, Japan, and Chekhov's Gun - Where Does Fracking Fit In?: Interview with Don Coxe

October 5, 2013 by Jim Patrick

Don Coxe has 40 years of institutional investment experience in Canada and the U.S. As a strategist and investor, he has been engaged at the senior level in global capital markets through every recession and boom since the onset of stagflation in 1972.[read more]

What Is China's Reaction to the IPCC Climate Change Report?

September 30, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

The reaction of China's official media to the new IPCC climate change report is unequivocal, saying that it is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century, and that the evidence for this has only grown.[read more]

Climate Change: China Puts Kibosh on New Coal Plants

September 17, 2013 by Bill Chameides

Chinese officials recently announced a seemingly startling step aimed squarely against coal. Citing serious air quality problems, the government will ban construction of new coal-fired power plants in three major industrial regions of the country.[read more]

A Cleaner Future For China Lays Ahead

September 6, 2013 by Joshua Hill

Coal’s dominant share of China’s power capacity is set to be slowly eroded over the next twenty years, thanks primarily to the growth of the country’s renewable sector, in particular large hydro, which is set to account for more than half of new power plants before 2030.[read more]