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Faulty Logic Drives Fallin's Decision On Wind Incentives

May 29, 2015 by Dennis Wamsted

Wind Power Tax Exemption/Shutterstock

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill last week that will eliminate a state-wide property tax exemption for wind power developers beginning in 2017. The move will save the state on the order of $30 million annually.[read more]

Creative Utility Accounting: Estimating the True Cost of a Subsidy

May 12, 2015 by EDF Energy Exchange

Subsidies and Actual Costs

$5 billion is a lot of money, yet that’s the difference in cost estimates between an Ohio advocacy group and FirstEnergy for the utility’s proposed bailout plan. FirstEnergy says its plan to raise electricity rates will save customers $2 billion. The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel estimates subsidies will cost Ohioans $3 billion.[read more]

4 Ways to Blunt the Solar Tax Cliff

May 9, 2015 by Katherine Tweed

Subsidies and Business Plans

The coming reduction of the 30 percent federal Investment Tax Credit for solar creates a steep cliff no matter which way you crunch the numbers, according to a new policy paper from George Washington University. But there are ways to soften the blow.[read more]

Is VOST a Tax on Solar? And Is That a Bad Thing?

May 21, 2014 by Rosana Francescato

VOST and Solar Development

Solar advocates around the country express varying views on the Value of Solar Tariff. Being proposed as an alternative to net metering, the policy has its pros and cons -- but some worry that it imposes a tax on solar customers and gives too much control to the utilities.[read more]

100 Years of Certainty and the Future of the Energy Tax Code

December 9, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

A central theme of any tax policy debate raised by just about everyone is “market certainty.” The fact is that for the past 100 years “certainty” in our energy tax code has meant directly subsidizing the fossil fuel industry’s ability to pollute.[read more]

How Taxpayers Could Benefit From High Oil Prices

June 5, 2012 by Robert Rapier

In last week’s post — If We Only Had a Stable Energy Policy — I mentioned three specific examples of legislation under consideration that create uncertainties within U.S. energy policy. These uncertainties increase the financial risks for those trying to develop energy projects — both for conventional fossil-based projects and for...[read more]

America’s hidden power bill - Examining federal energy tax expenditures

April 14, 2010 by Joseph Romm

Center for American Progress’s Richard W. Caperton and Sima J. Gandhi have put together an excellent report on the remarkable waste of taxpayer’s dollars on perverse subsidies for the profitable fossil fuel industry. I am reposting the executive summary: The most important day of the year for the many energy companies that receive...[read more]

I’m testifying before House Ways and Means with Pickens, Sachs, GE, U.S. Chamber on Wednesday

April 13, 2010 by Joseph Romm

The House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on energy tax incentives and the green job economy.  It will be webcast here. I’m on the 1 pm panel, the one The Hill says “will likely be a media circus because of the attention [T. Boone] Pickens usually draws.”  Here’s the full witness list for my panel: T....[read more]

House Tries Tax Package for Renewables...Again

February 13, 2008 by Tim Hurst

An aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that the House Ways and Means Committee is putting finishing touches on a tax package that would rescind tax breaks for big oil and use the revenue to provide incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Called the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008,...[read more]