Primetime Debate: Will an Ultra-High Voltage Transmission Supergrid Solve China's Air Pollution Crisis?

April 23, 2014 by Michael Davidson

China Pollution Crisis and Solutions

It’s hard to imagine coverage of electricity transmission policy here in the U.S. The contrast with Chinese television’s treatment of these issues shows how public concerns over air pollution and renewables are being injected into a decade-old discussion on the relationship between the grid and the state.[read more]


AC vs. DC Powerlines and the Electrical Grid

April 2, 2013 by Roger Faulkner


This post explaining some important differences between high voltage AC and high voltage DC power transmission options. It is part of a series explaining the options for building out a transmission Supergrid.[read more]


Energy Storage Innovation: Niagara Pumped Storage System

March 30, 2013 by Roger Faulkner

pumped storage

This is an out-of-the-box idea for a massive energy storage scheme, the largest potential pumped storage opportunity anywhere in North America: the Lake Erie/Lake Ontario System.[read more]


Imagining the Supergrid: HVDC Loops for High Penetration of Renewable Energy

March 26, 2013 by Roger Faulkner

high-voltage supergrid

The piecemeal way that the grid is being reinforced today is not compatible with a future supergrid incorporating renewable energy sources. This post examines an alternative layout for new HVDC connections for a future supergrid.[read more]

European Offshore Wind Supergrid Deal Signed

December 3, 2010 by Vicky Portwain

A deal was struck today by European ministers keen to implement a European wide ‘supergrid‘ for new offshore wind farms. A memorandum of understanding was signed by ten ministers from countries bordering the north sea. The memorandum is an agreement to deliver an offshore electricity grid facilitating the interconnection of offshore...[read more]

Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy 'supergrid'

January 4, 2010 by Big Gav

The Guardian reports that north sea countries are planning a "vast clean energy project" - Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy 'supergrid'. It would connect turbines off the wind-lashed north coast of Scotland with Germany's vast arrays of solar panels, and join the power of waves crashing on to the...[read more]