If you're in energy, you've heard it before: 40% of US carbon emissions come from buildings. Everything that uses electricity- HVAC, lighting, appliances, etc- adds to this burden. To cut down on buildings' share of emissions, we have a collective challenge to transition to low carbon forms of energy. And trust me, that sounds great; we talk about renewables a lot on this website; but actually deploying them on a scale that matters is "easier said than done". Despite an outstanding business case, energy efficienct tech deployment and retrofits are still too expensive up front for many consumers. Or, just as damaging, consumers think that energy efficienct upgrades are too expensive. 

Following the UN IPCC's renewables report, which told us that the world could theoretically power everything with renewables, TEC blogger Geoffrey Styles wrote that "What we urgently need is a roadmap that describes a path--or preferably several possible paths--through the brambles that separate the energy status quo of 2011 from its ideal low-carbon state of 2050." Tomorrow, the Sustainable Cities Collective is holding a webinar that will help to illustrate a bit of that map: Funding Green Cities: How can we pay for projects that improve urban sustainability in an era of lean budgets? The webinar will be at 1pm EST. Ultimately, thinking through the practical issues like financing and accounting is key to actually deploying renewable energy, and energy efficient technology, at scale. 

Please find additional information on the webinar below, including speaker bios and a field to register. See you there!

For a link to more information and speaker bios, click here.

Photo by Ambro.

Funding Green Cities

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