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On What Economists Missed: Why World Coal Consumption Keeps Rising


Thabnk you so much- for opening-up this conversation.

I sense we all may benefit from better understanding the present relevance of conventionals in our free market economies, and start to craft smarter ways to become more balanced in our economies. 

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On What is (Obama vs. Romney) Energy Independence?


Thank you, John- Great article.

I specially liked your opening statements on what we understand to be energy independence (and why).

 Your concise and excellent overview of the Energy Policies of the two rivalling parties is quite useful.

As you stated- we need something of them both to make a great mix,

I like to stay in contact with you,

Warm greetings,




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On Are Chesapeake's Problems A Red Flag For Shale Gas?

Nice article, Geoffry.


But i would be a little bit more conservatie on your proven reserves quote (in shale gas - to the US) , and on the ability to commercialize or exploit in an environmental and socially acceptable manner.

The present practice of shale gas fracking is still immature, has focussed on the low-hanging fruit- and may be bound for some unpleasant surprises.


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On New Budget Reflects Inefficient Energy Priorities

Maybe it´s time to review the government-business relations, and start to invest in new infrastructure, projects and new business models in stead of technology, only.

There is much to be gained by innovating the present status quo and to introduce and realize improved collaboration between utilities, cities and transportation, and energy and technology solution providers.




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On Predicting the Top Sustainability Stories of 2012

Thank you, Gil- for an overview of these trends.

I would like to include an international trend, and as you may surely have picked-up too..

A couple of weeks ago, the UN, UN Foundation and panels preparing for Rio+20 (2) decided to transform the gathering from a discussion on global agreement on climate change and sustainability towards a discussion on a global agreement on sustainable development, and thus on the sustainability of our economies.

Sustainable development further much more holistically and pragmatically defined- including considerations for the availability and use of food-water-energy and the related effects on people, planet and profit.

So expect in year 2012 a significant shift in the sutainability dialogue- and a much more focussed debate on rich-and-poor, BRICS vs. US (/OECD), on money and market systems, the distribution of wealth and the application and use of resources- worldwide. 

I belief the BRICS country will lead this new (international) approach, starting in Rio.


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On The Future of American Shale Gas

Thank you for sharing.


There are many arguments, beliefs and opinions out there. I like to focus on making room for the new, and to smarten up our present earn & burn practice- by creating energy infrastructures and architectures of the 21st century. Today. Not tomorrow.

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