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On Is Demonizing "Big Carbon" a Strategy or a Copout?

This is a thoughtful article, Severin, thank you for publishing.  Vilifying fossil fuel companies supports the misconception that they're the only ones responsible for climate change. We consumers are equally responsible at the end of the day.  Furthermore, the sooner we consumers own up to our contribution to the problem, the sooner we can all collaborate to actually get things done.

Actions speak louder than words.  If students call on universities to divest their endowments, those same students should divest themselves from fossil fuel companies.  I find your ending quote very poignant, "quickly return to the important matters of creating science and policy changes that can make a real difference to the climate."  It's the innovators in scientific research and policy that make a difference, not those who point their fingers and shout all day long.  Thanks again.

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