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On 5 Reasons Why the Romney Energy Plan is Bad for the Economy

Hi John. Thanks so much for your comments and diligence. I have a couple of questions for you. You mention that "much more comprehensive and quantitative economic analysis is needed to support the position that Mitt Romney’s Energy Plan will be less effective in job creation than current clean energy alternatives", and perhaps that is true, but people need to make a decision by Nov. 6th and we don't have that time. So, since you seem to be very educated on this manner:

1) Do you think his energy plan will provide enough economic benefit to outweigh the costs of the long term environmental impact?

2) What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of his plan from an economic and environmental standpoint?

Just to clarify, I am actually on the fence as to who to vote for. I am a staunch capitalist, but am concerned with the long term economic and environmental impact of his nearly exclusive focus on non-renewables - especially his plan to open up more public lands for drilling. Any insight would be appreciated.


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On 5 Reasons Why the Romney Energy Plan is Bad for the Economy

Great comments! Keep them coming!

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On Increasingly Extreme Weather Is Costing Us in More Ways Than One

I think the main reason is because we are making it an environmental and humanitarian issue rather than an economic issue. Here's my attempt to make it more economic focused:

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