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On How electric cars will save you money


I look it this another way, the cost of a Nissan Leaf after tax rebate is around $25,000 (less in some states). That is $5,000 less than the average price of cars in the US, and it's quite a nice car. So if I was in the market for a second car to commute let's say 20-50 miles each day (well within the 100 mile range) and was in the market for a car in that price range, why would I not buy one! I say second car as obviously many families in the US have two cars, and assuming the other car is a gasoline car, to be used for longer journeys, the whole thing is somewhat of a no-brainer.

I think we will all be quite surprised at the take up of EVs, as long as we don't have any negative press or issues with them. And also the manufacturers will start to use EVs as a cool factor and compete based on them, on price, range and other normal cool-car features.

We're looking forward to the discussion at the EV Grid Summit at GridWeek next month. The interaction between EVs and Smart Grid is going to be very interesting.

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