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On Wind Energy and the Battleground States

For a bit more information I've lived in the Tehachapi Pass since 2004. From various points of my property I can see at least 400 wind turbine generators and I can hear them all too, from some directions more than others. At best, they're intermittent, depending on when the wind blows, usually at night. They're terrible neighbors, as bad a living next to an animal shelter or factory. Some turbines were here when we moved here, but city people are clueless about them and also many of them were no longer operational, that is until subsidies started again. It's interesting to note that this is also ancient Indian area Kawaisu (sp?).  Starting in about 2007, I started hearing an eery whisper in the house, garage and outdoors sometimes. Strange how the mind plays tricks because in the back of my mind it sounded like ghosts of those people beating their drums and chanting. It wasn't until 2011 during a fire across the freeway, while taking photos that I heard the same sounds - they were the old "Mitsu-leakies." 

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On Wind Energy and the Battleground States

Every time I see an article praising the merits of wind power, it tells me the author and commenters aren't living with it. Enron's handy work needs to be retired until the industry quits making prototype equipment and treating them as appropriate for being mass produced. Many of us demand this stop until the industry creates the next generation with shields over the blades, muffled and inaudible and are erected without destroying everything in and around their locations.  Globally, people instist on this and if these industries continue to build them so will our anger.

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On What is (Obama vs. Romney) Energy Independence?

@ JE Miller. I've learned more from you and the commenters than I've ever expected. You're really a great mediator and author. Thanks.

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On What is (Obama vs. Romney) Energy Independence?

Good post. Well presented.

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On What is (Obama vs. Romney) Energy Independence?

I live in the Tehachapi Pass and have a very different view of renewable energy and energy independence. First, I can see 100s of wind turbines from different points of my property and have witnessed the destruction of about 100s of sq miles of wild lands and prime farm land. Wind energy is not accepted in most communities across the globe. There are hundreds of opposition groups and we're fighting against them for the same reasons - permanent destruction of ecosystems, the open air propellers and unacceptable noise plus at least a dozen other solid reasons. The wind vendors are placing 100s of wtgs at a time right through major avian flyways. The city of Mojave communities have monolith turbines 900 feet from their home and feel ground vibration, flicker and noise in their homes. These are "takes" or reverse condemnation of their homes. There is a report of 10-20 hawks dying every day from propeller collisions in one single location near a small mountain. Of course these numbers will go down when all the raptors are dead. Please, someone convince me that any of this is "GREEN."

The propellers produce wind intermittently and this is considered the "supposed" hot wind resource area in California. To solve this problem companies are getting permits for 2-tiered dams. The lower reservoir will take more water than the entire city of Tehachapi uses in a year and it's run off the grid. The purpose? To stablize the grid when the wind isn't blowing. The other interesting news is the installation of gas run turbines using jet engines.

There's a mention in one of the comments about Keystone. Same situation. Breaking ecosystems to move fossil fuels. What ever happened to reducing the use of fossil fuels besides no activities at all? Coal mining whether mined and fired in the U.S. or China still pollutes the air and our bodies. 

Neither candidate nor Congress has any intention of taking that leap of faith to actually, initiate sustainability. There are jobs for every person on the planet to clean up the mess made by the people before us. There are massive untapped opportunities in taking post consumer/post commercial products and making them into new products instead of landfills. Changes in building codes for geothermal heat pump heating and cooling of all buildings. The big carbon monsters not discussed are coal seam fires that should all be extinguished.

Instead governments across the globe have jumped into the "energy bubble" instead of creating the "sustainability bubble." This is what Obama promised during his last election campaign. Personally, I won't vote for him. Romney is just another talking puppet for "big vendors" who have bought his loyalty in campaign funds. I'm voting for Ron Paul, the only candidate intelligent enought to run our country. At least he got Congress to agree to audit the Federal Reserve. All Obama accomplished was to raise the debt ceiling.

On another note, subsidizing big coal, oil, wind, solar are breaking the backs of the American people who subsidize, for example 30% of all wind and solar installations. We pay it in our electric bills and taxes. Bankruptcies and foreclosures are increasing and at least here is central Calif. it's getting worse by the day. 

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On Reduce CO2 and Slow Global Warming?

First, I appreciate the opportunity to comment. Many of you have tremendous background and knowledge on this topic and I'm humbled.

I didn't notice coal seam gas listed as a major greenhouse gas. Some of the coal seams have been burning for over 100 years.

Story about Charles Keeling, the man who developed the Keeling Curve. About every 6 months I read this out loud to my husband who is a scientist and a lawyer to remind us how precarious man's extistence has become.

We live in the Tehachapi Pass in California and witness the destruction of the wild lands on a daily basis. I've seen the legendary California condors flying within a mile of an operational wind facility. Yet, Kern County keeps approving filling in every inch of space for more turbines. We live within 1.48 miles of a group of turbines and are surrounded by hundreds of them. There are few birds where we live because the turbines and transmssion lines have killed them all. Dead birds with their heads blown off or electrocuted are all over under local transmission lines. One project, the North Sky River project, a wetland is being used for water to wet down the roads and make the concrete pads. The environmental impact report stated that the wetland will drop at leat 9 feet during construction from all the pumping. The local batch plants are 100 feet from the wetland entering state water ways. Basically, nesting birds are booted of the 21 sq. miles. After the facility is operational they enter the air space at their own risk. The area is just below Buterbredt and the major migratory flyway along the pacific coast. As the bulldozer dig, 12,000 aboriginal Indian bones are scooped up in every shovel.

This technology falls way short of being GREEN aside for the green in the pockets of the developers that are then "flipped" like houses to the banks for their investor portfolios. I tracked down the sale of Oak Creek Energy to American Wind Capital. The parent company is the notorious Barclays Bank the same bank under investigation for rate fixing! Their subsidiary is selling private hedge fund shares to their investors.

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