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On China's Rise: Environment & Climate Change

Ironically, China has another smog on that day!
The worst part about China's GHG emissions is that China is a developing country, so even if Climate change negotiations and protocols would commit developed countries to cut their carbon emissions, China would still get away with it.

I hope the smog that China has been having this month and the terrible air quality would be a wake up call to China. But only time will tell.. & the sad part is as you said;  our development is related to its development.

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On China's Rise: Environment & Climate Change

True thx for your comment.. Last year was 8.. Next year is forecasted to be 8.3%
But I was talking about the past.. & the average would be 10% (FOR THE PAST YEARS)
It is assumed to drop and investors are looking for other countries too, but that would require another article!

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