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On Say, Look What THEY’RE Doing!!!

@Paul O,


Thanks for your comments. I'm going to hide behind the literal post name which was "LOOK what they're doing". Not "DO what they're doing", but

And by looking, one learns what TO do, and as you point out, what NOT to do.


In your comments you point out that we have to focus on "reality and our own needs". In your opinion, what IS that reality, and what are our needs? Don't they include energy? And shouldn't that energy be from renewable sources? And shouldn't government be in the picture, even if only to stimulate research and encourage innovation (above what the market will naturally provide)?


Your thougths?

THanks again,


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On Next generation of nuclear reactors in Europe


Thanks for the posting, Dan.

I was interested and intrigued by the quote, "the challenges are more about logistics and project management".  It speaks quite directly to the intersection of project management and the environment on which we're focused at .



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