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On My Plan for Dealing with Climate Change

Welcome to The Energy Collective, Senator.  I"ll leave it to other members to react to your post, but I'm impressed that you are open to facing the world's best bloggers' here on an open playing field.  Speaking of which, go Volunteers.
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On Smart Grid: On its way…slowly

It also requires a "layer of intelligence" from the states.  That should slow things down a bit as well.  For more on smart grid, and to hear Marc's discussion, be sure to sign up for tomorrow's live webinar being brought you by TEC and Siemens.  Scroll up on the left navigational for registration.
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On Is China Beating the U.S. in Clean Tech ?

Dear Lost, thanks for this input.  And please go ahead and sign up your blog here.  Follow the instructions on "how to use this site,"
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On Wind and Tourism

The Energy Collective welcomes a new blogger, Glen Estill, President and Founder of Sky Generation in Ontario, Canada.  Glen is the past President of CanWEA, and an active member of the CanWEA Ontario caucus, and government relations committee.

Add your picture, Glen!

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On TEC discussion about "Nuclear power: An Inconvenient Solution"

Christopher, we appreciate input here but prefer that people post their events in the event "module" located on the left of the home page.  We'll let this first one go, but please remember this in the future.
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On Communicating climate change in an unscieintific world

Thanks, Simon, we'll fix it on our end.
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On Prying open the black box of green energy economics

Charles, as grown-ups, we here at TEC always welcome your opinions and criticism when they are based on substance, no matter how strident they may at first appear.
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On Zen and the Siemens Electric Chopper

Here's Caitlin on the bike as well.
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On Sustainable Electricity

Welcome and bien venue, Pierre.
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On End Times Thinking and the Locavore Fallacy

Lou, indeed.  Well put.
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On Will America Lose the Clean Energy Race?

Jesse, at the risk of sounding overly-simplistic, the key to the U.S. "winning" the clean energy race is to support manufacturing overall, since it's great to have educational support but educated people need jobs or they'll just move to China.  To support manufacturing, among many other things, our country needs universal health care with costs assumed not by manufacturing concerns but by a single-payer system, resembling other developed countries. 
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On The Suppressed, Absent and/or Faulty Logic of Anthropogenic Global Warming

A lengthy but worthy post, Ed.  Must reading.
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