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On `Smart grid' - buzz of the electric power industry

Speaking of Smart Grid, The Energy Collective will be checking it out at Clasma's events Connectivity Week/Smart Grid conference in Santa Clara today and tomorrow... stay tuned for tweets and updates.
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On Defending Big Government - Or Why We Can't Leave Energy Innovation to Markets

I recently spent an afternoon listening to the current energy debate at a summit hosted by The Atlantic and Siemens, with panelists ranging from corporate sustainability practicioners (Dupont) to green building experts (Rick Fedrizzi from USGBC) and the ever-energetic Dan Esty (Yale).... There was a lot of upbeat discussion about how ACES will spur innovation but a chilling reminder, towards the end, by Esty that the last time this country attempted to use a market to promote climate action (the Clean Air Act) the Senate voted overwhelmingly (91 to 9) to pass.  Esty went on to make the excellent point that the reason that particular piece of legislation has worked so well and bridges a gap between government and industry is because of solid and broad political support. Perhaps the issue here is not which sector, government or industry, will better promote innovation as much as the degree to which innovation and change are widely embraced by all sides.
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On Help! I'm a prisoner in the Senate Office Building!

Our loss... but please stay in touch.  Will they let you comment?
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On The Green Lawnmower

Geoff: I bought the Homelite non-cordless brand from Home Depot last year.  The cord is a pain, but I also found work for unemployed teenagers (living in my house) at the same time.  And yes, I really like not having to deal with oil and smell.  You probably have a larger yard.
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On Google Offers PowerMeter to 30 Million Customers

GG: that's interesting... is it vapor ware? anyone else know anything?
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On Update: Waxman-Markey eliminates key offset provision, increasing domestic offset use and lowering allowance prices

America's Power, which most of our members already know, is the communications front for the American Association for Clean Coal Electricity.  I can imagine it took some branding agency, or Frank Lutz, to come up with the name, but folks, can you please not insult our intelligence on this site with your basic, dumbed-down pitch?  While we embrace all sides of the energy debate, we don't like boiler-plate and we particularly don't like stupid arguments.  Let's talk about coal in a way that appeals to grown-ups...
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On Some upcoming green events: local procurement event, alt-energy panel, and net-zero homes awards

Tyler, sorry to hear about your grandmother.  Our condolences and what a tremendous lady she must have been.

 Everyone, Tyler is sharing events in his post, but anyone can add an event to our calendar.  Just log in, go to add your event, and register the event for the 1,000+ people who visit this site daily. It's free.

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On A Parable of Power

Even more compelling, Margaret, that it is factual but it certainly struck me as "true."  We know of a company that is getting ready to launch a solar generator that would fit the bill... but industrializing this will take a while, needless to say.
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On Message to the Nuclear Industry: Get Over Yourselves

Good idea.  As a matter of fact, Dan, my purpose was less Machievelian.   It's a secret I hate to disclose but of all the eight sites now in our stable, this is the only one that our content management team allow me anywhere near, and that's because this is a particular interest of mine.  (I come by this interest naturally; my mother was the first woman to be appointed to the board of the company then known as VEPCO, and I grew up near the North Anna plant and visited it while it was being built.)  As a result, I read an enormous number of posts from all the bloggers.  This post was very much from the heart and not calculated.
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On Message to the Nuclear Industry: Get Over Yourselves

Karen, good point about the adverb.  Margaret, yes, I haven't spent 30 years in your shoes and I can imagine that it has been tough going.  David, not a bad recommendation.  Let's keep this conversation going.
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On Beam me up Scotty!

There goes my spa and pedicure at some swank hotel.  Seriously, everywhere I hear these days that virtual meetings are replacing F2F.  What would then constitute a reason for "in the carbon"?
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On China's Oil Strategy

As evidenced by Secretary Clinton's trip to China earlier this year, energy and climate change are the most important issues in U.S./China relations.  This is a crucial debate and The Energy Collective welcomes more of it.  We also hope that in the future we can avoid overly generalized epithets to describe the people in this debate.
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