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On Demand Energy Revives With New Funding, a MW-Scale Storage Customer and a New York State of Mind


Where was there an anti-nuclear word in this article?

Also -- you are confusing me with the subject of the article when you say, "You want to replace..."

Yours is the usual victim-mentality of cognitively-biased nuclear fanatics intent on keeping leaking 40-year old nuke plants on line. There might be an increase in NG usage and GHGs as we close these old, creaky nuclear plants. That might be the way the transition to a more renewable-intensive energy mix looks. Better than sitting around waiting for something really bad to happen with these geriatric nuclear plants.

Many more nuclear plants are going to be shut down in the coming years -- with immense costs to ratepayers. What's the cost to close SONGS? $4 billion?

I've noticed the nuclear fanatics practically morph into Bill McKibben when you want to close down one of their precious plants. There might be a place for nuclear power but not for nuclear power fanatics.

Thanks for continuing to read Greentech Media Bob. We value your readership and viewpoint.

Eric Wesoff


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On California PUC Aims to Replace Shuttered Nuclear and Gas With 'Preferred Resources'


That's a heck of a story -- SONGS being recommissioned. Can you send me anything that supports this claim?

As for calling this a puff piece: Note the quotes from SDG&E and NRG. Note the doubt cast on making up all of the SONGS deficit with renewables. Please tell me what I "exaggerate and mischaracterize" and this time try to be civil.

SONGS closed because "faulty steam generators were deemed too costly to repair." You seem to be blaiming the regulators for SONGS being closed. If those steam generators were not leaking -- we wouldn't be discussing this.

I wrote, "Last year, neighboring investor-owned utility SCE revealed the contract winners for its 2.2-gigawatt LCR RFO to help Los Angeles and Orange County make up for the closure of SONGS. Much of that new power will come from natural-gas-fired power plants."

I was clear about this, "Much of that new power will come from natural-gas-fired power plants."

Anyway -- please send me any leads you have on the SONGS being recommisisoned story.  Thanks for reading. And best regards to you.

Eric Wesoff






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