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On Biofuel Battle Heats Up

Hi John,

I have heard of the blending and pipeline delivery issues and those are definitely major concerns. I am not familiar with fuel specifications and so can't comment much about it although I would have assume that there would have been a lot of rigorous testings involved before the EPA would allow ethanol to be commercialized and blend with petroleum-based gasoline.

In my research, there are also several companies looking for alternatives to ethanol such as bio-butanol from DuPont and Gev or drop-in cellulosic-based gasoline from Primus Green Energy and Cool Planet Biofuels, and methanol-to-gasoline from Sundrop Fuels. As what RIck mentioned, at least these companies are trying to develop solution to the problem of rising gas prices and crude oil supply issues.

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On Sweet green promise of sugar

Hi Margaret,

From what I've heard, the volume of feedstock needed for chemicals is very small compared to those being used in fuel (e.g. ethanol or biodiesel) and their aim is to use the sugarcane bagasse instead of using sugarcane itself in order to eliminate waste from the sugar industry. I'm not an expert on their processes so hopefully somebody can explain more about it.

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