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On North Dakota'sUnconventional Oil Boom and Risks to Scarce Water


Thanks for the response. We are finding something much different in our reporting about the source of water to frack wells. We're finding that in most cases, developers are using fresh water sourced from municipal water systems, and surface waters. I'd appreciate some leads on the practices you've identified. In North Dakota I couldn't identify a single frack job executed with recycled water, though state officials have begun to talk about it. Keith


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On The Jevons Paradox: Time to Send it The Way of the Dodo?

Nice post, Peter. This is a penetrating and astute analysis of the consequences, mostly encouraging, of the steady closure of the Age of oil
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On NIMBYite threat to our future …

This is a big and largely undiscussed topic among environmental organizations. In my circles colleagues explain that the grassroots resistance, much of it led by local green groups, is the natural give and take within a healthy movement. Others say it is the normal green vs. green. My view is it's more significant than that. I spent some time earlier this year as a paid consultant to a utility in Michigan proposing to acquire 30 percent of its energy with local renewable resources. One facet of the proposal was to build a 10 mw, state of the art, clean-burning, combined heat and power, highly efficient wood biomass plant. That idea prompted fierce resistance, split the regional environmental community, and generated a debate among activists that was barely distinguishable in form and substance from a Tea Party rally. I wrote about it and the other grassroots campaigns to block clean energy development on my ModeShift blog here, and I'll be writing more about it on the Energy Collective very soon. - wood biomass    - wood biomass - geothermal - solar - transmission lines - wind - Tea Party extremism meets environmentalism - Chamber has a point when it comes to clean energy resistance - As Gulf spill spreads unexpected heat for environmentalists



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