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On India and US Make Progress on HFC Super-Pollutants

N Nadir - It doesn't follow at all that phasing down HFCs requires a phase-out of nitrogen fertilizers.  So your vision of mass hunger seems a bit of a scare tactic.  The Montreal Protocol allows for separate decisions on different chemicals.  There are, in fact, be practical measures to reduce nitrous oxide emissions in the production and use of nitrogen fertilizers.  We can have the cake and eat it too. 

For now, the proposal on the table is to use Montreal to address HFCs as replacements for CFCs.  To be sure, CFCs were worse on a pound per pound basis.  But the volume of HFCs growing fast and will soon far outpace the volume of CFCs at their peak.  HFCs will increasingly endanger our climate.  There are safer alternatives for refrigeration and their other uses, especially if we start now and allow reasonable transition times, and if India and other developing countries have access to appropriate technical and financial assistance through the Protocol's Multilateral Fund.  This can work for India.  Why wait to get started?

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On Will the EPA's 'endangerment finding' stand?

In June, the D.C. Circuit unanimously affirmed all of EPA's carbon pollution actions that were under attack here.  I wrote about it here:

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