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On Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources Rise to 20%

The German climate is very poorly suited for solar energy, the Germans have built Shore based wind generators in every on shore sport that offers over a 20% capacity factor, and electricity produced by new German sea based wind generators will be more expensive than electricity produced by new nuclear power plants.  New German coal and gas fired will produce far more CO2 than the nuclear power plants they replace.  So Mr. Rapier, exactly why are you cheering?

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On Green Jobs Aren't Going Anywhere

Carl, I have repeatedly pointed out on my blog, Nuclear Green, that it is possible to lower american energy costs, by adopting Thorium Fule Cycle Molten Salt Reactor technology.  Not only would MSRs be relatively cheep compaired to conventional nuclear technology, butthe technology opens the door to a number of cost lowering stratigies.  The adoption of this technology add jobs to the economy in two ways.  First, creat a new factory based reactor manufacturing industry, with the potential of producing hundreds of 10 to 350 MWe reactors a year, with large internal and export markets.  Secondly by lowering energy and electrical costs, American manufacturing would grow more competative and industries like alumium production might return to the United States. 

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On Crystal Clear Lessons from Solyndra

John. unfortunately I cannot read much of what I type.  I am having eye surgery in a week, not to correct the problem, but to keep it from getting worse. 

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On Crystal Clear Lessons from Solyndra

Edwayd, Solar is a terrrible idea because neither solar PV nor Solar thermal can supply energy on demand. without the added expense of some frm of energy storage.  The capacity factor of solar generation facilities is absurdly low, and whwn capacity factors are taken into account, the the levelized cost of solar energy is higher than the levelized cost of nuclear.  Solar facilities cannot afford to go into business without huge subsidies.  Sunsidies that are over ten times higher than the nuclear subsidies which solar advocates uncesasingly attacks.  solar subsidies will bankrupt the United States of America, long before solar replaces coal.  Solyndra's problems, is that they bacjed the wrong horse.

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On Crystal Clear Lessons from Solyndra

Oh come on, Solyndra's failed because solar power is a grotesquely bad idea that can only stay in business as long as there are enormous government subsidies, that make the financing of solar projects possible.   This post is nothing more than propaganda, hype intended to put a smily face on the Solyndra's disaster.  Solar advocates are not going to tell us the inside story of how the Federal government and venture capital firms were talked into financing this always dubious venture.  Doing so, would of course, expose too much information about the way the solar business operates.  

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On Rick Perry, Lyin’ and Denyin’

I have often said, that Texans expect very little from their govenors, and they are seldome disapointed. 

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On Was The IPCC Renewables Report Hijacked By Its Press Release?

David, I would like to call your attention to Nuclear Power in Canada: A Review of a Critique, published by the Canadian Energy Research Institute.  I would like to draw your attention to APPENDIX A: AXIOMS OF SCIENTIFIC INQUIRIES.

The Review states, "These axioms are “standards” in the scientific community and are generally followed by researchers and research institutions."  In evaluating reports meant to carry the weight of science, whether directed to policy makers or the general public. attention should be paid to how well the report writers confomed to those standerds.  My suspcion is that the IPCC report on renewables would not have measured up very well.  One of the most obvious flaws of the IPCC study, is that it does not state, nor does it appear to have standards for determining which studies to choose to focuse on.  Choosing a study simply because it supports my preexisting beliefs is not good enough to qualify as scidence, Unfortunately some of the studies chosen by the IPCC authors, appear to reflect a great dealabout their authors biases, and very little in the way of objective data. This is unfortunately most green advocates do research, unfortunately.  

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On Heat, Public Health, And Air Conditioning

dalie, I wish i could agree with you about the declining number of AGW skeptics.  The view still seems politically powerful. especially among Republicans.  Without AC thousands of people would have died from heat related causes in Texas and Oklahoma this summer. 

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On Can Old Coal Plants Be Replaced With Energy Efficiency?

The sources of the levelized power estimates apear to be cherry picked inorder to slant against nuclear power.  The issue of rebound effect and/pr Jevons paradox is ignored.  All in all this is propaganda, that attempts to disguize unplesant relaties and hid our desperate need for nuclear power. 

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On Studies Show Thorium Can Be Used In Many Different Reactor Types

Great comment Mike!

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On Were the Japanese Engineers Who Built Fukushima Incompetent?

Ed, I haven't the slightest idea.  My brain seemed to have gone off on its own course.  The Chinese are in the short run building coal fired plants, however they are running out of coal, and their long term nuclear plans are very ambitious.  The Indians Indians don't have very much coal, but they have lots of thorrium, and their nuclear plans are perhaps even more ambitious than the plans of the Chinese.

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On Were the Japanese Engineers Who Built Fukushima Incompetent?

Harry, I live in a real world to.  I might propose solutions, and even good solutions, but that does not mean that anything like what I propose will be done/  It may be that problems will be left o fester, as they have been during the last 40 years.  The Chinese and indians are working on the development of CO2 control technology to a far greater extent than is the case in the United States.  If we fail to solve our problems, it will not be because solutions were offored but not followed up. 

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