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On Carbon Disclosure Project Canada 2011 Report: Key Highlights

Thanks for your comment, Amelia. To clarify the graph in the article, both CDLI companies (those that measure and disclose their carbon emissions well) and CPLI companies (those that reduce carbon emissions well) delivered twice the financial return compared to their peers.

The CPLI companies, especially, are already leaders in carbon mitigation. Rather than being dragged behind in financial performance for going green, as is commonly believed, they delivered 2x financial return compared to their peers! So they are both green leaders and financial leaders.

One can draw various explanations on why this is the case, but it's hard to argue going green drags down a company.

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On Canada’s Largest Solar Rooftop, Case Study Part Four

Thanks for your comment, Syd. The reason that the payback period is 10 years instead of 15 years is described in Part Three:

"A simple calculation would work out the payback period to be approximately 15 years. In practice, other factors that affect the payback period are tax treatment such as accelerated depreciation, inflation, interests, etc. I was told that after these factors are taken into account, the payback period is closer to 10 years."

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On Siemens, Canadian Solar to bring 800 green jobs to Ontario

Thanks for the informative update on Siemens, Canadian Solar, Fronius, Enphase, etc. You might be interested in my posts on Canada's current largest solar rooftop installation.

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On Ontario Feed-In Tariff Program: $8 billion of Deals So Far


Indeed Ontario's tariff rates for solar projects are particularly high. From $0.80/kWh for small projects to $0.53/kWh for large ones.

So that's 6x to 9x regular rates (about $0.09/kWh). I think the German program pays out at 4x rates across all source types?

Perhaps that's why the majority of FIT projects in Ontario is solar.

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