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On Decoupling and Distributed Energy

Frankly I have problems with the whole notion that individuals/homeowners who purchase solar power are allowed and encouraged to be doing it for commercial reasons at my expense.

If these people want solar power so badly, then they are welcome to own it, however Utilities and the rest of us should never have been placed under any obligation to purchase such power from them, therby subsidizing their pseudo-capitalistic escapades.

It really strikes me as a farce at least (I am resisting the word Fraud), to trumpet the merrit of something that has little or no real value on its own merrit.

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On Decoupling and Distributed Energy


1) Will you at least be honest and accept that Net Metering is a regressive fraud shoved on the underclass by the self-same regulators that greenies often accuse of feathering the bed for large corporate grid based power?

2) Why won't the Solar Crowd advocate that their followers go completely off-grid. Don't you think it odd that greenie folks like you are drooling in anticipation of the Utility Death Spiral, yet they also want to keep benefiting from the existence of the self-same grid/Utility?

3) I can't wait for those Ellon Musk batteries to be here, so that we won't have to sit and bear it, listening to gloating greenies. Provided of course that they hurry up and buy batteries and get off the grid. PS. Hope Ellon's batteries aren't the type that spontaneously burst into flames, that could be bad.

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On This Map Explains Why the Ivanpah Solar Plant Is Performing Worse Than Expected

So, Ivanpah is underperforming due in part to The Weather? Well I'll be.....Hasn't that always been the problem sighted against unreliable, nondispatchable, weather related power?

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On From Delhi to Lima: India's Win-Win Opportunity to Grow a Low-Carbon Economy

There are certainly times and places when Solar power is reasonable and effective, I don't think Engineer Poet is against that.

What he seems to be saying is that claims for Solar Power are being exaggerated while claims against nuclear power are being Overblown by NRDC.

December 8, 2014    View Comment    

On China To Cap Coal Use By 2020 To Meet Game-Changing Climate, Air Pollution Targets

China To Cap Coal Use By 2020 To Meet Game-Changing Climate, Air Pollution Targets

There are way too many claims of Game Changing This, and Game Changing That going around. That alone makes me skeptical of whatever they are about to say.

November 30, 2014    View Comment    

On Another Major Climate Breakthrough: China Will Cap its Coal Consumption by 2020

I have no idea. However,since NRDC is constantly pumping Germany's environmental credentials in contrast with China's coal, it is legitimate to ask NRDC when Germany will cap their Coal Production if China caps theirs.

We are all delighted to hear the news regarding China, and would love to hear similar moves from Germany who have replaced carbon free nuclear power with coal.

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On Nuclear and Renewables Shared Goal and Comparative Costs

What does this have to do with scaling up Naval Nuclear technology,  did the submarines sink because of their reactors?

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On Another Major Climate Breakthrough: China Will Cap its Coal Consumption by 2020

Super, But when will Germany Cap their's?

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On Remember the Alamo! Embracing Solar Energy's Inevitability

Jonathan, there is no need for an argument here. The answer is simple. Just move your solar off grid and enjoy it to the max. It is disingenous to insist on parasiting the grid while simultaneously trumpeting how much cheaper solar is.

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On 5 Reasons Virtual Net Metering is Better than Plain Old Net Metering

Speaking for myself and not for Bob, but in response to his question about why we are giving special consideration to Solar Power.

Solar power and renewables in general have become an Orthodoxy that has gained prominence with the Media and in certain political circles. There is now a presumption of its efficacy and indispenciblity in the fight against AGW, and anyone daring to question it or require evidence of its ability to end human induced atmosperic CO2, and halt AGW, is Immediately set upon as though he were a heretic.



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On The IPCC's Shifting Position on Nuclear Energy as a Climate Option

Are you somehow inferring that solar power will power our world by 2050? Are you kiding me?

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On Is Renewable Energy Less Effective Than Energy Efficiency at Reducing CO2 Emissions?

For me personally (not speaking for Willem), I see no reason not to start using the AP 1000 generation 3 nuclear power right now. When the technology is ripe for Modular and Generation 4 nuclear, I will support them too.

November 5, 2014    View Comment