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On Can Nuclear Make a Substantial Near-Term Contribution?

Schalke, it is much easier to see where dangers and faults lie, than to know how to avoid them. I am afraid that I am not as familiar with the intricacies of abatement, nor am I trained in these forms of analyss. However I innately trust your objective sense and I'll go along with your assessment . Hopefully you and the other smart and informed contributors will figure it out for us.
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On Can Nuclear Make a Substantial Near-Term Contribution?

The problem is that Schalke's analysis makes no attempt to compare Nuclear Power's CO2 displacement to "renewables" displacement of CO2.

Schalke, to do a greater service to the Climate Change debate, you should have factored in as a negative, the Power generated by CO2 producing sources in the "Enablement" of wind. If CO2 is considered, then Coal would have to be nearly factored out to almost Zero, while Wind would be far less comptetitive versus Nuclear Power.

I thought the whole point of these debates and analyses was to find which none CO2 producing sources the world (China Inclusive) should build for future power. We can't simply an merrily and blithly look at how much power we can get out of wind without subtracting the power from CO2 producing sources that are neccessary if that wind power is to be brought to service.

Deploying power from Coal is no Meritorious act and deploying power from Wind if it helps propagate  coal and Natural Gas is not a virtue either.

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On Do We Still Need Alternative Fuels?

Frankly if you think his criticism is spot on Good For You, I don't.

I still want to hear what she wants/has to say, and I don't want anyone trying to hush her up.


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On Do We Still Need Alternative Fuels?

Certainly, I'll read her past statements. I'll probabaly be amused or maybe even bemused. However I still won't condone what you are doing.

 Amy will not be the first person to make wrong predictions, but if you want to castigate her for that you should be doing the same for other energy/climate change writers, an example that comes to mind is Amory Lovins of The Rocky Mountain Institute.

In any case, all that is irrelevant, I still demand the right to hear what she has to say here, now, today, on TEC.

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On Do We Still Need Alternative Fuels?

"Spec Lawyer". Not withstanding her alleged or real past predictions, I would sooner and rather listen to what Amy has to say, and then decide whether she is credible or not based on what she has said, than listen to people like you who Spit Out the same tired old attack typically seen on "Green" websites.

At least you avoided calling her a "shill", which was the tired old buzz word from "greenies".

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On "And Lo, My Electricity Bill has Been Reduced Thanks to the RET"

Day after day, Month after month, Renewables Fanatics disguised to look like journalists keep pounding out their uneducated, deeply biased, almost embarassingly fraudulent "reporting".

They seldom get called out on most other websites, but they can't so easily pull the wool over the sharp eyed, above averagely smart, and very well informed readership at TEC.

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On Russia Continues Sustained Fast Breeder Reactor Effort

Your objection has ben answered over and over again. You just ignore the answers and continue to repeat the same mantra.

Why don't you just admit that you hate Nuclear Power at any cost?

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On Russia Continues Sustained Fast Breeder Reactor Effort



It is not Malthusian to point out that hanging the hopes of future generations on the possibility of new discoveries is plainly unwise. You  seem to be attacking Nathans prudent warning that the advances that renewables fans hang everything upon, may not happen, or may happen way too late to sway the GW tripping point.

Nathan Said:

" Well no.  There is still no existence proofs that solar and wind can be used affordably on 90%, 80%, or even 60% non-fossil grids (I'm referring to average whole-grid penetration, not the momentary peaks that generate so many headlines, nor the localized offsetting of fossil fuel imports with variable renewable exports).  

There is still no energy storage cheap enough to allow use of solar energy at night or wind on a calm day.  Essentially all grid deployments of advanced batteries have been sub-hour endurance systems designed allow slow-throttling coal plants to co-exist with renewables."

We are spending billions locking our future in on renewables tech, in the hopes that storage will one day get cheaper, when we don't have to put all our eggs in that one basket at all.


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On Russia Continues Sustained Fast Breeder Reactor Effort


" Frankly, it doesn't matter that no proof exists for affordability  or that storage hasn't been perfected or that some supplies are intermittent or that controls are tough or that the grid is old or that etc. 

What matters is humans are the most adaptable innovative creative creatures on earth. We can count as fact;they shall survive and adapt even to cartel, monopoly, and utility customer exploitation, or pirates, high tax, or whatever."

That sounds very much like a Religious Expression of Hope and Faith. (Apologies to Church Goers). You have simply replaced "GOD" with "humans ". The Faith and Hope aspects are practically the same.

*** God at least is supernatural and omnipotent.

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On Renewable Energy Provides 88 Percent of All New Generation for May, But Fossil Fuel Use, CO2 on the Rise


“I will do anything that is basically covered by the law to reduce Berkshire’s tax rate,” Buffett told an audience in Omaha, Nebraska this weekend. “For example, on wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

LOL, This is one of the best comic relief i've had in years. Warren Buffet is at least, an honest man.

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On 'Eppur si muove' - Italy reverses course on nuclear energy

" SILLY". Silly? I have a much better descriptive word that I probably won't be allowed to use.

It is a crying shame that we. and the World now have to look up to China and Russia in the advanced Nuclear arena, while we continue to listen to the anti-nuclear "renewables" crowd, as they slap together a Rube Goldberg patchwork of intermittent, inadequately diffuse energy sources.

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On HTR-PM: Nuclear-Heated Gas Producing Superheated Steam

Nicely said Rod. These are exactly the sentiments and views that I have.

As you implied, a Fukushima style accident cannot happen with this design, the TRISO spheres can't meltdown nor breakdown at the temperatures that the system can reach, and it traps all radioactive products inside itself.

There is also no water in the core, meaning there is no ability to create steam or hydrogen explosions as happened in Fukushima.

Again, as you inferred there is no need to build a "supergrid". A nuke plant can serve as a direct plugin replacement for Coal and Natural gas (which does produce CO2) plants.

Nuclear Power is the future of human energy whether on mother earth or as we eventually expand into outer space.

June 29, 2014    View Comment