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On Uber vs. Google: Electric Vehicles Are About To Get Really Interesting

I would be okay with self-driving cars if they had steering  wheels, brakes and accellerator pedals, and if they didn't overide me when I overide them.

I would hate for a car to drag me at 20 mph when my wife is in the back seat hoping to get to the ER for emergency surgery on a burst appendix.

As I recall Google's vision of self-driving cars don't include stearing wheels.

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On Uber vs. Google: Electric Vehicles Are About To Get Really Interesting

I live about 5 miles (max) from the Hospital. My son once stabbed his his wrist accidentally. Lots of blood, screaming, fear and anxiety. Fortunately I have a car.

If I had waited for an ambulance, not knowing if any nerves were damaged, I would not have forgiven myself. Further, the cost of the car ride to the Hospital was maybe 5 cents, an Ambulance would have cost several Hundreds. If I had some hundreds to spare, I'd rather use it for the $150 ER Co-Pay.

Having your own ride is handy for many other reasons. I could do grocceries whenever the need arises. I could take my wife out for dinner on the spurr of the moment, we could decide, last minute to watch a movie and  still get there on time. I also have more confidence in my own driving skills when there is an emergency. I certainly don't want to be driven at 25mph in the midst of an emergency.

In North Dakota where I live, the Red River used to flood, and some years past, folks had to evacuate. I wonder if Lyft/Uber ride has room for some 300 or so rsidents.

I would need to wait and see how the Google ride driverless vehicles work first before I decide if I like it or not, although there are situations where it could be a God Send.  But I doubt I'd ever trust my family transportation needs to an outside vendor.

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On Uber vs. Google: Electric Vehicles Are About To Get Really Interesting

Does this include 3:00am trips to the ER?

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On A Nuclear Future Means Clean, Economic Electricity; Yet Fossil Fuels Reign

You are forgetting one crucial point. Renewable REQUIRE natural gas that does emit CO2. Nuclear does Not.

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On Will Natural Gas Peaker Plants Become Obsolete?

I wonder.. Is it widely known that MIT Tech Review is not an adjunct to MIT, or is there a disclaimer somewhere likely to be seen, to that effect? This is the first I am hearing of it for sure.

Normally any formal publication beating my name (or the company I work for's name) is generally attributed to me (or to my employer) by the public or even legally unless there is a disclaimer to disabuse readers of this attribution.

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On Why Ecomodernists Should Embrace Wind Power

The country in question is Nigeria, it is Africa's largest economy and has a pop. of 160 Million souls. It is not widely known, but Nigeria is looking to buy Nuclear Reactors from Russia:- . Personally I think SMR's would be preferable.

With its growing population and need for electric power for industry, it would be vastly preferable for Nigeria to have SMR's than build more oil plants (they have lots of oil). I'd hate for them to chop down forests for "Biomas", or fry their fragile grid with variable wind. Ah yes, Nigeria already has Hydo-Electricity from the Niger River.

Basically SMRs would probably be a good fit for Nigeria, and I wouldn't worry too much about Boko-Haram. BH is the most Hated group in all of Africa, and the inability or unwillingness to defeat them was the leading factor for loss by the out-going president in the recently held national elections.

I would not be too concerned that Nigerians can safely operate Nukes, at least not for reasons of educational and technical training.

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On Why Ecomodernists Should Embrace Wind Power

It is certainly no fantasy. Just because enviro-whackos (I identify scaremongers as Whackos) have succeeded in impeding gen4 nuclear in the west doesn't mean it is not progressing in other lands.


Beat the flumox out of me why people paranoidly oppose something they say they want, that's abundant safe reliable clean power. 

In the United Staes, we did develop (nearly) the Integral Fast (breeder) reactor, and even ran test reactors, then when it came to funding the final plant that could be mass manufactured, THEN, enviro-whacko , now our US Secretary of State (then former senator) John Kerry, and Bill Clinton Kiboshed it.

As a result persons not in the know can call it a fantasy. Oh Well!

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On Report: 'Load Defection' from Customer-Owned Solar and Batteries is Already Here

Wait now, are you saying that Wind Energy does not matter? If it does matter, how do you want that wind energy to get to homes thousands of miles away without utility power lines?

If ordered to do so, Utilities would happily develop their own more cost efficient, better solar tracking PV, and they'd do a better job of integrating PV into the mix than your solar salesman ever could.

Most inner city folks will never be able to utilize Solar Power on their rooftops because (a) They are flat broke, and (b) They don't even have rooves of their own. 

This is not about "greed", or "magnates". This is about getting CO2 free energy to everyone. 

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On White, Wealthy, and Whiney: An Environmental Movement in Need of a Makeover

10 Marks! I couldn't agree more. It sickens me to read about the Death Spiral of utilities being uttered by Rich (usually white) folks, while they live off the grid while pushing off their share of resposibility for its maintenance on the poor.

Then there there is the socialist agenda, masquerading as environmentalism, Every time I hear about how distributed PV will stop the monopoly of the evil Utilities (regulated), I wonder what it is we are talking about, is it energy policy or is it social justice?

I recently got into a protracted argument with a guy who posted a video by David LeBlanc on  molten salt cooled reactors  up in Canada, the guy was commenting "dumbass"every other word, while NOT listening to a word from david in his own video post. Try as I might he was resistant to anything nuclear, even if the reactor is Melt-Down proof, and uses no cooling water that could leed to a hydrogen explosion.  He was impervious to the Thought that Nuclear Power <> Nuclear Bombs.

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On Why Ecomodernists Should Embrace Wind Power

This is easy, almost a non-issue. The Nuclear facility could be dirrected to use a cooling tower(s)  while reusing the water in a closed loop, instead of ponds. Wind OTOH cannot change its diffuse nature, so we are stuck with the large footprint.

1. Steam cycle heat transfer

For the purpose of heat transfer from the core, the water is circulated continuously in a closed loop steam cycle and hardly any is lost. It is turned to steam by the primary heat source in order to drive the turbine to do work making electricity[2], and it is then condensed and retuned under pressure to the heat source in a closed system.[3] A very small amount of make-up water is required in any such system. The water needs to be clean and fairly pure.[4]

This function is much the same whether the power plant is nuclear, coal-fired, or conventionally gas-fired. Any steam cycle power plant functions in this way. At least 90% of the non-hydro electricity in every country is produced thus.

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On A Nuclear Future Means Clean, Economic Electricity; Yet Fossil Fuels Reign

Nice, thanks for the C14 from N reminder.

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On A Nuclear Future Means Clean, Economic Electricity; Yet Fossil Fuels Reign

I actually checked out your links on food in japan, only to find a Conspiracy Website.

1) No studies. Lots of accusations.

2) Then i looked at your cancer video link. "It's a heart breaking time for Megumi Moto, her daughter Nana is being tested to see if the lumps in her thyroid glands have grown, in a small number of cases it develops into cancer.  Megumi is conviced eposure to high radiation after the Fukushima Nuclear meltdowns is the cause, before the disaster there were just 0ne to two cases of thyroid cancers in Fukushima's children, now that has jumped to more than a hundred confirmed or suspectd cases (note, can we get an actual number please?). Some scientists say the rising cases is just because they are doing more testing... (WHAT? you mean this video doesn't actually prove anything?)...

3) Nuclear energy is never clean..Sorry, but this sound like an article of faith. 

4) Nuclear energy is never carbon free... Well let's look at the facts:


 Omigosh... wowzers, golly gee Photovoltaics and Nuclear Power compare about the same in terms of Life cycle carbon emmissions. Who would have ever Thunk it?


Presumptuous and biased, Mr. Edo?

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