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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

I won't bother responding to Gresnight (below), he has an agenda.

A greenie as I use the term is no more a slur than the word Hippie is. It is someone who viscerally rejects a solution to Global Warming that doesn't preponderantly or exclusvely depend on (natural) Solar or Wind Power.

Greenies have been openly hailling the "Death Spiral" of the Grid for months or even years, it is selective amnesia, to say " The grid is not being 'destroyed' . . . that's just hyperbolic whining." 

I did miss you suggestion of the use of Nuclear Power, and for that I do apologize. It is not clear then, that the term greenie actually fits you sir.


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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

One of the most Annoying things about Greenies is their capacity for selective amnesia. Another is their near religious anti-nuclear dogma.

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On Could the World Be 100 Percent Solar? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The label "renewables" in this case includes the burning of a great deal of wood though wood has ample CO, NOx, and PM emissions.   Wood and hydro together were 46% of renewables in Germany 2014, and wood saw by far the largest increase this year over 2013 (+5.4 TWh wood, +2.2 TWh solar, -0.2 TWh wind: slide 7). Why then is that scenario "better" than zero emissons nuclear or hydro in France or the USA? 

A very good question indeed.

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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

Why would you want to buy <<< LOAN>>> the said coal generated Toxin producing power back from the utility?

Are you then not complicit in filling your own lungs with toxins?

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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

Jesse,the solution is simple.

Compel every salesman who sells a rooftop solar array to sell enough storage to contain the excess electricity generated at solar max for the in the area where the house is located.

Let every homeowner with Rooftop Solar take responsibility for their own generated and stored power, but let them have the capacity to buy additional power they may need from the utility at a rate proportional to what they use from the utility.

There is no reason to hold society hostage tothe whims of people who unwisely fallin love with rooftop solar power.

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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

Spec.... This entire post by you is one extreme Fantasy. 

If my currency is Dollars, and I am forced to take spare Russian Rubbles or Nigerian Naira "Loans" that I don't want, can barely use, and disrupt my dollar business, and I am forced to return those Rubbles  in US Dolars of the same numeric value, what Kind of  Loans is that?

I have a better idea, let Me keep my Dollars, and the Russians and Nigerians keep their Rubbles and Nairas, and we'll all live happily.


Spec..What you are really doing is this. Any excess good is low value good, that is why it is excess, nobody wants it nor can use it.

You are simply looking for a way to reduce your own costs, you buy into a PV scheme which allows you to pawn off your low value excess energy on the utilities. You convince yourself that you are doing them a favor. Then YOU demand  that they turn over their High value energy in exchange for the low value energy that you are forcing them to "Loan".

Don't go telling the utilities that your excess solar power is high value to them, it is not.  Don't go telling them that it displaces Toxins, which may not be true if they already use nuclear, their own solar, or their own wind+ Nat Gas.

You should just Man-Up and buy some batteries, and eat your own solar power.

I am not sure if this qualifies as a shell game, but it smells close to it to me.

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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

1) Are you saying that Utilities don't use Wind, Nuclear, Nat. GAs, and even Solar Power?

2) Are you saying that Net Metering is the only way to reduce CO2? if so you are being ilogical and uninformed.

3) If PV users are so woried about toxins in your lungs, Why, oh Why do they want power generated from the dirty toxins back from the same Utilities?

For your information, Utilities do use low or none carbon sources, and they will do more so as ageing plants are replaced. Furthermore, how sure are you that the PV's being installed were not manufacture with dirty power?


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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

Jesse I did not construct my question sufficiently well, and  Roger helped me out.

Frankly I am quite annoyed by people Vilainizing the Utilities and casting aspersions on them, when if one were to drill down to the bare facts and bottom line, the folks Villifying the utilities are just being selfish. 

The truth, to me as I see it, is not that these folks really want to save the planet by buying PV's (that's the line of the greenies), to me it seems they are simply trying to save some money and cash in on a bill of goods/fad sold by PV installers and salesmen.

I happen to think that the distributed Solar PV paradigm is extremely flawed and won't save anything (planet). In the end it won't even eliminate the grid, it might socialize it. There will still be a grid, (how else will we connect to Wind Farms), it will still require maintenance, and someone will still have to pay for that.

If we trully want to employ solar power as part of a CO2 reducing plan, then Utility based PV (just as utility based wind farms), is far better than the distributed stuff.

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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems


What I hear from you is that rather than (by buying batteries) using the power you produced from your own PVs by your own choice, you want to foist your unwanted excess power on the utility, and force other power users (some of them poorer than you), to pay for the power you refuse to gnerate for yourself and the grid maintenabce you benefit from whenever you self power to the utility, or take power back from them?

Am I right?


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On California Leads the Way with Goal of 50% Renewables by 2030

Don't mean to discourage you brother, But NRDC and Enviro-Greenies like them are Jokers who are intent on playing a Dangerous Ideologically Driven Game on society and the future of our species on planet earth.

These "folks" are well aware their "wide range of renewables" will not do didly squat to save the planet, and that the Hydroelectric power they are hinged upon is not available to many parts of the world, and may even be unavailable to California itself because of drought. They are aware that sunshine and windmills won't be eneough to save the world, and no amount of battery storage will do the job.

You may know brother, that these folks just simply flat-out hate nuclear power, and it will take a concerted effort that discredits these types of Enviro-Greenies, thus empowering our political class to disregard their anti-nuclear prejudice, before real progress can be made in ending CO2 emmissions while simultaneously powering up our growing world and cities.

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On How to Read a 2015 Article About Electric Power

"The biomass (e.g. wood) CO2 molecule implies that another CO2 molecule will be bound by the new biomass (tree)."


1) There is no such implication. We would have to replace every biomas plant used with an identical pant of the same mass and age before we can come close to certainty.

2) For people who "Care about the environment" it is a farce that they would rather unleash Carbon from biomas into the atmosphere, instead of leaving it locked in place as a solid. I see it as rationalizing failure away.

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On As 2014 Has Come to a Close, Nuclear Energy is at a Crossroads - Again!


You are missing the point. Africans cannot afford the fridges (or the batteries)  they would have to have, and the more sophisticated the technology, the less likely it can be purchased or adequately maintained and repaired. Furthermore, the required recycling will be non-existent, there won't even be landfills, much less recycling centers, just some random dumps full of toxic rundown tech.

The reason biomas (firewood) has worked is because it can be used anywhere and anytime, regardless of sunlight. They use it to cook as/when needed, and in whatever amounts they want.

I would love to see the outcome of this experiment in rural Africa, however, I wouldn't want it as a substitute for a reliable grid.

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