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On A New Start for the Energy Collective

Aaron, the registered user activity level on TEC,has dropped off precipituously, it would seem. Was his an intended outcome?

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On Exploring Climate Change From a Gender Perspective

I've read your pece, and I'm still not getting the connection between gender and climate change. Really climate change will still drown our coastal cities, roast us, or dry up our fresh water supplies regardless of the gender or whoever fetches the water.

If the various summits by nations haven't impressed policy makers of need to address the problem, the poor and downtrodden women fetching water from glaciers aren't going to do so either. I don't think the people living in poor countries (glacial water fetchers etc) and their governments who are living by the bottom line are going to be readily swayed in their actions and expenditures by forces they cannot control or influence.

Nothing these women and their governments do now will change the outcome for glacial melting for many years to come.

To my eyes you might do well writting another piece about gender and Acid Rain, Tornados, or even Gender and Meteor Showers.

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On Solar Customers Launch a Class Action Lawsuit Against NV Energy

Very perceptive Bob,

It is almost comical that the suit is not about energy from solar power, but rather it is about ..... REBATES! DISCOUNT! RATES!

How could anything be more upside down when we were supposed to be trying to save the planet?

In a more sane world the Utilities could have been required by law to use more carbon free sources, and the way and manner they chose to accomplish that would have been left to them and their business model.

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On ARPA-E Funds the Next Wave of Grid-Distributed Energy Integration


I am thankfull that you are not personally anti-nuclear. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to find a clean energy advocacy organization that is not fanatically anti-nuclear, that is my point. Whether we are talking about NRDC or GreanPeace, it is all the same.

It is difficult to imagine that these groups did not have a role to play in delaying advanced 4th generation nuclear like the IFR, which would have reduced the costs of building plants in the US while also drastically reducing so-called nuclear waste.

It is so bad that some of these organizations have even turned on the reputation of Dr. James Hansen a noteworthy early clarion call-er on the danger of Climate Change.

I'll refer you to Nathan's post below for the rest.

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On ARPA-E Funds the Next Wave of Grid-Distributed Energy Integration

I am pleased that this technology is becoming available, however this Giddy anti-nuclear obsession makes renewables activists and proponents sound more like pseudo religious fanatics than people who are sincerely only interested in saving the climate.

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On Why the Next Generation of Nuclear Energy Technology Innovation Won't Be like the Last One

I feel like I should mention new fuel design innovations such as Lightbridges, which promise to improve and extend the performance and life of existing nuclear power designs.


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On Abundant and Economic: Nuclear Power Delivers

This is clearly the Pot Calling the Kettle Black when both systems are government supported.

Comparing Solar Socialism more favourably against Nuclear Funding  when Nuclear power actually does a better stand alone job in reducing AGW and GHG's is massively disingenous to my thinking.

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On Abundant and Economic: Nuclear Power Delivers

Seeing as someone who's utility does not directly use power from Nuclear plants can't show youi a bill, we have to go with what the feds say are production costs. If you are then saying that the operating costs  put out by the Feds for nuclear power is "hypothetical"? Isn't that silly?

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On Abundant and Economic: Nuclear Power Delivers

What are the factors responsible for reduced capital costs in China and Korea vis-a-vis Nuclear. Are these factors and /or techniques emulatableble in the US?

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On California's International Model for Climate Success

Why don't we wait for the 2014  Greenhouse Gas Emmissions in California to be released before we start crowing the praises of California's GHG emmissions ideology and seeking to emulate itelsewhere.

Q. Why 2014?  

A. California lost SONGS in June 2013, and with it they lost a whole bunch of GHG free energy.

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On On the Importance of Clean Energy Innovation and Deployment: Improving Messaging for Clean Energy and Climate Advocates

Isn't this on a certain level a fair amount feathering your own nest/self interest?

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On Nuking Clean Energy: How Nuclear Power Makes Wind and Solar Harder

Let me refer you to a particularly useful post by a regular, Nathan Wilson here at TEC:

Pls click down to his post. 

Nuclear Power Economics Requires Believing In 'Impossible Things'

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