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On Obama Administration Quietly Seeks Extra Boost for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Mark, sodium is not the only metal useable. There is Lead and Lead/bismuth eutectics. Theres is also the optio for using Flibe as a coolant.

The reason for molten salt reactors are the compact size,  meltdown proofness, and lower cost of the MSR.

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On The 100% Renewable Energy Nuclear Option, Part 1

Here's a little Education, Ned:


In 1954, Strauss predicted that atomic power would make electricity "too cheap to meter."[7] He was referring to Project Sherwood, a secret program to develop power from hydrogen fusion, not uranium fission reactors as is commonly believed.[8] [9]

Would you care to rephrase your comment?  Further, politicizing energy discussions "but the Republicans are very fond of data suppression and some of the agencies have simply stopped providing this information." lends nothing to this debate.

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On Rethink the Grid: Personal Power Stations

Can we just stop salivating over Vapor Ware EV batteries? When will we eventually have enough EV's for their battery capacity to matter, in 10yrs, 20 yrs. 30yrs? Does anybody know?

How come some of us are banking on a Battery utopia, like a Hen counting her chicks before they are hatched?  What makes us think that EV owners will actually potentially sacrifice range for the common good?

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On Energy Quote of the Day: 'We're Not Just Up a Creek Without a Paddle, We're Losing the Creek Too'

I doubt that diminishing the ground water reserve is a desireable answer to the loss of surface water. either way California is still in trouble.

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On EV's Plus Solar Equals Disruption

I'm pretty sure most Americans won't be able to emulate you though (income wise).

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On California PUC Aims to Replace Shuttered Nuclear and Gas With 'Preferred Resources'

NASA: California Has One Year of Water Left

California is running out of water so they can't rely on hydro.  Solar power can't be stored and wind won't suffice.The only way forward it seems is for them to burn more fossil fuels.

It would be a very interesting spectacle if NASA's assesment materializes and a mass migration away from California starts.

SONGS could have been a God-Send for California

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On Something Astounding Just Happened in the Solar Energy World

And Spec Lawyer follows after Bob Meinetz, trolling him?

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On Falling Oil Prices Won't Hurt Clean Energy

That FF are an existential threat is evident from Climate Change. Where or What is the danger that Makes Nuclear Power deemable as a threat? I don't see it at all considering that Human and wildlife fatalities or injuries from renewables are comparable or more than civilian Nuclear Power by some estimates.

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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

I won't bother responding to Gresnight (below), he has an agenda.

A greenie as I use the term is no more a slur than the word Hippie is. It is someone who viscerally rejects a solution to Global Warming that doesn't preponderantly or exclusvely depend on (natural) Solar or Wind Power.

Greenies have been openly hailling the "Death Spiral" of the Grid for months or even years, it is selective amnesia, to say " The grid is not being 'destroyed' . . . that's just hyperbolic whining." 

I did miss you suggestion of the use of Nuclear Power, and for that I do apologize. It is not clear then, that the term greenie actually fits you sir.


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On Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

One of the most Annoying things about Greenies is their capacity for selective amnesia. Another is their near religious anti-nuclear dogma.

January 18, 2015    View Comment    

On Could the World Be 100 Percent Solar? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The label "renewables" in this case includes the burning of a great deal of wood though wood has ample CO, NOx, and PM emissions.   Wood and hydro together were 46% of renewables in Germany 2014, and wood saw by far the largest increase this year over 2013 (+5.4 TWh wood, +2.2 TWh solar, -0.2 TWh wind: slide 7). Why then is that scenario "better" than zero emissons nuclear or hydro in France or the USA? 

A very good question indeed.

January 17, 2015    View Comment