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On Are Reverse Auctions the Key to Reforming Solar Energy Subsidies?


The whole point is to eliminate CO2, considering our Climate and weather from The Arctic Circle to the Antarctic. Come Winter,Spring, Summer or Fall.

Question, Does Nuclear Power eliminate Fossil fuels and CO2 as stipulated, answer YES!

Question, Does solar power eliminate Fossil fuels and CO2 as stipulated, answer NO!

Are we even serious about Climate Change, Answer NO...Not while we are hating on nuclear.


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On Can Nuclear Energy Secure Financing? Nuclear Power and the Capital Challenge

I disagree based on the following:


1) Nuclear power demonstrably replaces Coal Plants and other  Carbon emitters if you consider Natural cas, without drastically changing the infrastructure.

2) Nuclear power is flexible enough to load follow pending the design.

3) The people complaining about Nuclear being dangerous typically seem to support killing safer Fourth Generation Nuclear Power  (ask Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Democrats about the Integral Fast Reactor).

4) Nuclear is not expensive as per govt. figures, and considering that it lasts up to 60yrs or more.

5) Multiple simultaneous plant construction renders the time argument mute. If we build 8 plants  simultaneously over 8years, that's on average one plant per year.

6) Nuclear supports better, efficient Land use, and doesn't Kill Endangered species, and also does not rely on the whims of the weather.

Why do I personally support nuclear power? It's because all along,  for decades,  we have had a solution for our energy and climate problems, yet we have chosen to listen to scare mongers.  This has impeded the design and construction of the very thing we badly need, safe and plentiful energy without any funky demand response or such compromises.

Fukushimas and such, should not even be able to happen at all if the development of things like the integral fast reactor had not been stopped. We can still design and build Molten Salt Reactors that are safe and melt-down proof if we wanted to. They are designed to be melted and we don't want to cool them.

Distributed solar in micro grids is a fallacy. If you think about it, it would even eliminate wind power. Moreover it does not address the question of what places like Alaska, North Dakota, Minnesota, etc would do in the winter.  The battery storage issue is a huge bug-a-boo, and has been discussed at length.

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On Renewable Energy Could Hit 36% Of Global Energy Use, But There's A Biomass Catch


Since I have never seen a 100% renewable country in my life, I take it with the same probabbility as Space Aliens. Also

You may not have noticed that I don't consider burning of trees as renewable, and I'll be the first Man to congratulate Denmark or Germany when they stop burning coal.


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On Renewable Energy Could Hit 36% Of Global Energy Use, But There's A Biomass Catch

I see a lot of hypocrisy in "biomas". 

If you consider that the only way we currently have to remove atmospheric carbon is by planting trees, then re-releasing said (trapped) carbon to the atmosphere is just wrong headed and hypocritical.

We should bury the wood from trees, or make it into wood products whereby the carbon remains trapped. If we keep re-releasing already trapped carbon, I cannot see an end to our CO2 problem.

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On Renewable Energy Could Hit 36% Of Global Energy Use, But There's A Biomass Catch

Bas, CO2 is CO2, Coal is Coal. If denmark is afraid of a cold climate, then they should add some nuclear power.

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On Reality Check: Germany Does Not Get Half of its Energy from Solar Panels

No! No! No! At least make an attempt to look at the German published data  Robert linked to.

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On Will CO2 Emission Standards Spur Carbon Capture Technology?

Please explain where this cheap small scale hydro is, what states and cities can be served by it, how many exajoules of carbon power it can displace, and just what will it cost to send it all over the US.
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On Our Dysfunctional National Government Is Incapable of Building a Sustainable Economy

Quote..."The extremists on the right are happy with gridlock, because their goal is an inactive government."....


The Extremists on the Left however, get propmoted to be:-

"Executive Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and a Professor in the Practice of Public Affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. He is also Director of the Master of Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs"

form whence they launch attacks on people who's political view are different from their own.

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On Can Nuclear Make a Substantial Near-Term Contribution?

Wow an attack by a 20 ton airliner!

I rather think that Terrorists would kill far more people by crashing into a Superbowl stadium, and even if they were to crash into an above ground Nuclear power plant, then the correct strategy might be to build Generation 4 Nuclear Plants underground.

LOL, You really had to go to extremes in your attempt to discredit nuclear power, didn't you? What about a Meteor Shower and strike, that's a far better one, and far more destructive too.

Let's stop wasting time on Fantasy and Fear. (F&F).

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On Can Nuclear Make a Substantial Near-Term Contribution?

Bas, By the time the slower turbine get up to speed, the wind could/might also be back, making the Turbines once again un-needed. This is the dilema of variable wind outside of certain sweet-spot regions of the planet.

However, I do think that Solar is a much better match for Hydro storage being much more predictable, and where excess solar energy could power the pumps. This might turn an overbuild of solar into a plus,however  I know nothing about the economics.

An Overbuild of Wind that is made dedicated to pumping water into a dam will also work, although again I confess that I have no idea of the economics. In any case, there are probably parts of the world where Wind that is dedicated to pumping water into a Dam might be a very very good idea.

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On Can Nuclear Make a Substantial Near-Term Contribution?

Then We are using battery storage, not hydro. The Question at hand is whether hydro can be directly used to back up wind aside from pumped storage..
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On Can Nuclear Make a Substantial Near-Term Contribution?

I wonder whether anyone here has had experience in the actual utilization of Hydro for ballancing Wind Power intermittency, if they do I'd certainly appreciate them sharing their real world experience with us.

The way I see it, Wind Power can fluctuate very quickly, and as we know, the Energy in Wind is proportional to the Cube of the velocity of wind:

P= 1/2 { Rho * a x V^3 x C(p) } =>  this means that the power output varies (dramatically) with the Cube of the Wind's velocity.

The question then is:

can a dam's water release valves operate fast enough minute by minute,  to compensate for the rapid fluctuation of power output possible in a wind powered grid? Should damns eeven be operated this way, and how would the longevity of hydo valves and turbines be affected?

It would be better to me that Wind Power should be used in conjunction with pumped storage only, while damns then take on the actual grid electricity production.


August 1, 2014    View Comment