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On Senator Ben Cardin Op-Ed: No New Offshore Drilling, Pass the Clean Energy Bill

Thanks for the comment Geoff, I would just say that drilling off the coast of Maryland and Virginia won't reduce our oil dependence anytime soon either.  It takes at least 5 years to even get oil flowing out of the ground.  It'll probably be even longer now that new regulations on offshore drilling are likely on the way.  

Mandating higher fuel economy standards for cars, accelerating the deployment of alternative vehicles, and shifting the tax code so gas consumption costs at the pump what it costs our national security, economy, and environment will reduce far more oil consumption than we can produce by drilling offshore.  It can also do it immediately.  Pricing carbon in a climate bill would be good as well.  

Better yet, we won't risk an accident that will destroy the Chesapeake Bay and other important ecosystems by conserving our natural resources.   .  

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