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On Landfill Gas to Energy fails to meet 35% Cutoff

Correction to post:

Jcwinnie, Jonas from Biopact here. Thanks for this informative post.

We wrote the article about which biofuels might hit the mark, a bit as a shocker.

The actual directive says nothing about biogas and virtually all other first generation biofuels easily meet the 35% reduction target (see Annex 7 of the directive, here: .

Our own article was based on a very stringent Swiss study [the Zah study] - the most in-depth of all biofuel lifecycle assessments. This study showed several types of biomass not meeting a 35% reduction. We wrote the piece, to shock some into understanding the consequences of demanding carbon cuts that are higher than any percentage above zero.

In any case, rest assured, biogas will make it.

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On Carbon tax vs. Cap-and-Trade


Glad to see Canada moving forward. While I agree with "a strong, clear, consistent and certain GHG emission price signal across the entire Canadian economy as soon as possible", I do question carbon cap-and-trade.

As previously noted in "Fine Points of Energy Fiddling," it is predicated upon a false assumption: that the Planet can withstand continued production of green house gas emissions at levels that previously have seemed acceptable. Handing out huge blocks of emissions rights for trading by polluters seemingly allows them to continue to profit from Business As Usual.
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On Khosla: "If you're not solving 50% of the problem it's not material"

I would agree that solar thermal can have a true positive climate impact <strong><a href="" title="In Spain and California, Solar Thermal is Hot">in some places</a></strong>, and I also would agree that more benefit if we "invest heavily in a high-voltage continental grid that can allow us to take advantage of renewable energy sources on a large scale." <br />
<br />
Additionally, shift to <a href="" title="Preventing Grid Outages with Intelligence and Localization">distributed generation</a> should accompany the investment in improving the Grid.
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