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On Climate Change in Obama's Second Term


January 31, 2013    View Comment    

On Climate Change in Obama's Second Term

To tell the truth, I printed it out, but have not yet found time to read it.

January 29, 2013    View Comment    

On Climate Change in Obama's Second Term

I agree.  Indeed, this was what I was thinking about when I wrote about the three competing demands at the beginning of the essay above.

January 28, 2013    View Comment    

On Climate Change in Obama's Second Term

I certainly agree with your observation regarding the downside of exaggerated media coverage (and advocacy commentary), and agree that better reporting would unambigously be a good thing.  That said, the paralysis due to political polarization is unlikely to succumb to even the best reporting by the news media.

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On Making Sense of Misleading Talk about Cap-and-Trade in Europe and the USA


Thanks for your comment.  Please see the complete version of this essay at my own blog, An Economic View of the Environment, as that version addresses the issue you raise here.

You can find that version at:



April 28, 2012    View Comment    

On Here We Go Again: A Closer Look at the Kerry-Lieberman Cap-and-Trade Proposal

Rebecca Lutzy,

Thank you for your kind comments, and thank you for your great work!

Geoff Styles,

I have the same concerns as you regarding the constraints on trading and traders.

           Rob Stavins

May 19, 2010    View Comment    

On Who Killed Cap-and-Trade?

Mark, thanks for your kind comments.  I agree completely that the long-term nature of the problem, as well as its dispersed impacts, help to explain the low levels of public attention.  The reason I did not mention these factors is that I was focusing exclusively on the reasons for lack of public support IN THE UNITED STATES, and these factors apply to all countries, including European ones, where public support is much greater.  Thanks again.  Rob
March 28, 2010    View Comment