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On Political Will Prevents the Dawning of the Long-Predicted Solar Age

Quote, 'Right now, a lot of government funds go to oil companies'

This is a favorite statement on most green sites and really too far off base.

Maybe you can clarify what those funds are that are different than other industries.



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On A new energy conversation?

Sorry Marc Gunther, Michael Shellenberger and whatever big spenders you have lined up for cheerleaders - This all sounds terribly green or environmentalist! 'If we just keep on throwing more and more money at whatever the current craze is and it will come out OK'. Stated another way, 'We have no idea where we are going but keep passing the bucks'! What is needed are engineers working and talking - forget the institutes (though they do employ the otherwise unemployable), bloggers and politicians. I do realize it is easier to have 5 star conventions in neat places when the bucks flow but most of the engineering world could care less about such capers. I see far more success as possible with one Rod Adams type than all the institutes and organizations put together.
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On Bio-butanol from whisky

This story gets drug out and rehased about every six months or so. Some different university discovers what is already well known but beats their drum anyway.

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On Cleantech Jobs: No Background, No Experience, No Problem

A labor job is a labor job whatever industry it is in.

There is nothing different or new with the so called clean tech to me. Industries rise, have their good years and move on or decline - business as normal.

There will be openings at new companies from floor sweeper to CEO - what is new.

The green side tries to get people excited about this but that is just the usual BS & blather.

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On The Country’s First Community-Owned Solar Garden

At least this is not as silly as putting panels on most rooftops.


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On Greening the Navy by building the Priuses of the air and sea

Rod has it correct! The military has been told by their commander in chief to get into this silly stuff so they do.

The political appointees who have no more of an idea of what they are into than their boss does are pushing this theme hard. Mabus is blowing smoke big time with his projections!

I am sure 99% of the military is just waiting for a new occupant in the oval office so they can dump the entire project.



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On Assessing the Clarian plug-and-play solar panels

This plug & play is a sick joke. Nothing new as every green site and many DIY sites would love to see such a thing.

Their 'anti islanding' feature to isolate the system during times when the grid is down is talked up. Does this meet national electric code? Not nice to kill linemen with your PV.

The writer is confused about the prices. To make the assumption the higher price is for the 1000 watt unit is a bit of a leap in faith and shows a total lack of understanding about system component costs.

This is an attempt to get into a impulse buyer market where the knowledge base is below minimal.I hope Clarian is stopped dead in their tracks and forced to gp a different way.

The Clarian estimates power for the 200 watt unit assumes about 6.5 hours of sunlight per day - for example 200 watts * ,8 (actual panel output as compared to STC) * 6,5 hours * 30 days = 31 kWh   This is potentially possible in the summer but the winter? No way

Installation? Do you just lay it on the terrace? Fix it on the roof? Orientaion and inclination need to be correct to achieve the 30 kWh/month.

Enough - this is a sick joke by a company that is trying to get into the pockets of the gullible.

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On Texas oil vs. California clean tech: The battle over Prop 23

Maybe we get lucky, the big one comes and then no more problems with bankrupt CA.

The story is a mishmash of conjecture and facts written by a supporter of the NO position.

To make accusations of money coming from various sources a more even handed approach would be more informative.

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On Peak coal looming?

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Recently we have been through all sorts of peaks and shortages plus what if the Chinese cut off XYZ. Oil, lithium, rare earth metals, on and on.

I am getting to the point where it is difficult to open a green site because of the wild imaginations of so many of the bloggers. Climate is important but the screwballs are turning off so many people that progress may never be made.

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On BrightSource to build largest concentrating solar power plant

Nothing said about what type of cooling system - hope CA is forcing them to use air cooling or Heller cooling towers.

Nothing is stated about heat storage - without a few days worth of heat storage (technology that does not exist today) there has to be 100% backup from some other power source.That would screw up the fancy and very innacurate cost calculations even more!

Until heat storage is available (not 6 hours worth either), this is eye candy.

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On Will rooftop solar go mainstream?

How do the tax payers that do not have, do not want or have unacceptable locations for solar PV like subsidizing Sun Run's business? Their hand, via the government, is in each individuals pocket.

They are totally dependent on subsidies, incentives and rebates plus high FITs to make this business survive. None of which make business sense.

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On Free Solar Panels to 2.5 Million UK Households

Maybe they hope to get enough subscribers to try to force the government to support them somehow?

Sounds like a truly 'airy-fairy' green scheme. Maybe when the CEO of the company has a second look at it the morning after it might not seem so attractive.

A far better investment would be installations in a more sunny area (better insolation) while the UK would still get the clean air credit for it. This is much like installing solar PV in Portland, OR USA and bragging about it. In Portland there are nearly six months a year with very, very little sun.

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