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On Energy Innovation in the States: From Energy Storage to Offshore Wind

You are correct. The language was flipped in the final published piece. It should read, "This is an emerging clean energy sector that uses new types of batteries and other technologies to store electricity during times of low demad or excess generation, for use when 'intermittent' renewable resources like solar and wind are not generating power."

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On Debunking the Myths of Global Climate Change

Darrene, this is an excellent note on an important point that is often overlooked in the climate debate. Whether or not cap and trade in one form or another will become US law, the fact remains that we have failed to develop a sophisticated understanding of what we need to do to accelerate clean energy innovation. The heavy focus on the auto mechanics of cap and trade programs in the last few decades has sucked the intellectual air out of what should be robust debates about energy technology, innovation and public investment. These remarks and other work by folks like NCEP, Breakthrough Institute and our group, Clean Energy Group, are beginning to open the door into the discusion of what energy innovation is, what policies are needed to encourage it, and how we work within what are likely to be constrained budgets moving forward. If don't figure out how to make cleaner technology cheaper than the dirtier alternatives through innovation, we have little hope of stabilizing climate emissions. We need a much more ambitious federal and state government response to this energy innovation challenge. It's time for those of us working in this field to propose many new ways to put energy innovation into the forefront of the climate debate. This is a start

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