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On Fukushima, from Nuclear Energy to Wind Energy

Thanks for your feedback, Bob. Much appreciated. I have altered the caption.

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On Germany Reaches Solar Power Generation Record

Thanks very much for such lively debate, it's great when an article ignites discussion. There seems to be a little confusion regarding energy and power which Alain has kindly clarified with his generous comment.

@Nathan Wilson: Thanks for your contribution. Germany is not the only country to be pursuing clean energy. But I do not agree with classifying nuclear power as renewable, clean energy. As to hydro, it's far cleaner than coal, for sure, but it's far from ideal as the Belo Monte mega dam in Brazil shows. For more info on this, please see:

@carpet69: Thanks for your contribution. You're right. I'm not a physicist and I apologized above for the awkward wording that may have led to the confusion between power and energy. Having said that, I think energy is not just a technical issue but also a political issue that affects everyone, so I don't shy away from it despite my lack of technical background.

I personally salute Germany's efforts to develop a clean energy economy. It's a massive challenge, riddled with controversies, but it has to be taken up. I can't help but admire any country that dares to try.


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