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On Is it Time to Broaden the Scope of the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard?

Interesting.... Are any of the papers you referenced publicly available?

I think it is time to reconsider these regulations.  In light of new efforts from the Executive Branch in EPA, FEMA, etc., it is possible these could occur entirely through the government... one hopes that the administration considers good science as they do so!


March 26, 2015    View Comment    

On Who is Most Responsible for Climate Change? [INFOGRAPHIC]



This article and the Wikipedia article are two different metrics, so of course will differ.


The Wikipedia article gives 2010 emissions, which is a metric reflecting only the 2010 year's emissions.  =

This article gives Cumulative carbon emissions from the time listed in the upper right hand corner to A) 1960, and B) 2010.  


~ Kelly

June 6, 2014    View Comment    

On Who is Most Responsible for Climate Change? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is very thoughtful post, and a great graph!  I understand the data don't exist for all of the years, but it would be interesting to see more historical years.

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On Creating an Equitable Grid: Should We Be Worried?

Great article!  This is one of the difficulties decision-makers struggle with - tradeoffs between economic and social benefits.  It is great to learn of some ways that can help reduce energy poverty as well as our effect on the environment.

September 25, 2013    View Comment