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On Reducing the Energy Use of Houses

Here in Vermont, we have 180,000 +/- homes built prior to 1978 and undoubtedly all of them could use an energy-efficiency upgrade. Start with an energy audit to determine where to focus and then put contractors to work installing mostly American made products to make these homes more comfortable with lower utility bills and lower carbon foot-prints.

The down side? Funding... People are afraid to take on any more liability.

However, what would happen if these home-owners could take advantage of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (P.A.C.E) program ( PACE allows home-owners to take out a loan from their town, in the form of a tax liability, to purchase the energy-effficient upgrades to their home. They repay the loan based on the savings incurred. If they move, the liability is either passed on to the new owner or paid at closing.

Take time to find out about the PACE program then explain why Fannie and Freddie are trying to kill it.

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