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On America moves a step closer to its first offshore wind farm

I think the term "expensive" is a relative one, and used in the DPU order in reference to the big arguments used by Cape Wind opponents comparing offshore wind prices with other forms of energy generation.

I agree, for offshore wind at the moment the 18.7 cent per kWh level compares well to the 23 cent per kWh level seen in Europe last year, and potentially sets a challenging bar for other, demonstration-scale offshore wind projects in the US.

A significant difficulty that offshore wind developers have in securing public and official approval is in justifying the costs relative to other forms of energy, and particular renewable energy, generation.

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On Al Gore Says Supporting Corn Ethanol Was a Mistake

Meanwhile, US oil producers received $52 billion in subsidies last year.

The trouble with the food-versus-fuel debate is that one side of the debate assumes there will be no progress in technology, that processes cannot become more efficient.

The fact that there is a corn ethanol industry at all will accelerate the development of more advanced biofuels that prove better for the environment and more cost-effective.

Funny that Al Gore's "mistake" was prompted by a desperate attempt to secure votes. Like Nixon made a mistake ordering a raid on the Watergate.

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