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On New Gas Plant Venture Aims at Carbon Capture From a Different Angle

Bob, you're correct that EOR is not new; the "angle" for this particular project, as I understand it, is not EOR but the physical process used to convert natural gas power into a pure carbon dioxide stream. 

October 21, 2014    View Comment    

On Google's Deal to Buy Nest: One Piece of a Larger Consumer Energy Puzzle

Thanks Peter! I think you're absolutely right especially about how Nest is awakening a demand for devices they didn't know they needed. There's a huge opportunity to revisit some of the poorly performing home management products to which most of us have become resigned.

January 17, 2014    View Comment    

On Cold Realities About Electric Vehicles: Tesla vs. NY Times

Thanks all for the lively discussion! This post has been misattributed to me (though I did edit it) -- getting that fixed now. Also, Bob, thanks for flagging the issue with the photo. It's different from what we ran with the original post at the Great Energy Challenge blog. I've let the EC editors know. 

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On Would You Buy A $40 Light Bulb?

Good post. We've definitely seen this effect at National Geographic's 360º Energy Diet (, where nine households around the world are in week 4 of a 12-week challenge to lower their carbon footprint. Time and again, the bloggers say that they would like to switch to LEDs, but are slow to do so because of the cost. And this is a motivated bunch -- consider how many people in the U.S. and elsewhere do not value saving energy and are faced with this choice.

February 15, 2011    View Comment