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On New Energy Sources: Possibilities and Prospects

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your thoughtful comment. The Future Energy Fellow programme is entirely editorialy independent, as is The Energy Collective. Our next couple of posts will focus on wind, wave & tidal technologies, biofuels and yes, fossil fuels. The entire programme will talk about the entire energy mix that we are currently using, so look forward to some more in depth analysis on solar power, energy storage or fracking.

For more information on our partnership with Shell, please check out Robin's initial post on the partnership:


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On Study: ‘One of the Most Significant Energy Events in the Last 100 Years’

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your thoughtful comment and glad that you're participating on the site. We're a non-partisan site with no particular bias towards any energy source. As such, we recognise that there's a large part of the population that is vehemently in support of the same practices that Mark advocates above, just as there's large segments that would prefer more investment in renewables, or nuclear, or coal. That's why we created The Energy Collective - to enable a thoughtful discussion on our energy choices from all sides. Hope that clears up any confusion about why we feature Mark's opinions and commentary here.



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On How Secure Are Green Jobs?

Geoff, this is interesting. I agree that using green jobs as a selling point for renewables is basically moot at this point. I'd much rather our conversations focused around how we want to integrate renewables into our energy mix. Though the tech review piece did make me wonder about this whole automation trend: Machines that make machines that install other machines that feed electricity into even more machines. Are blue collar jobs becoming obsolete?

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On The Future of Oil & Gas: Exploring New Innovation in Old-Fashioned Energy Webcast Recap

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your response. The Energy Collective does not make any legitimate energy topic off limits. If you feel like we're missing a strong voice on the laws of thermodynamics, you're more than welcome to blog about them here!

Best, Henry

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