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On Google: Energy Innovation Can Have A “Transformative Impact” On U.S.

The automobile really shaped 21st century America; highways, suburbia, malls, poor public transportation....

Many of these developments were unforseen. Clean energy and Sustainablity from multiple sources too can have a major impact on how we will live in the 22nd century.  Just how this plays out is very difficult to predict.

Don Madden

July 1, 2011    View Comment    

On Gasoline Could Cost Consumers an Extra $150 Billion in 2011

I feel safe in predicting that we'll be flirting with $4 again before long, and the consequences of that should be factored into any forecasts of future economic growth.

This is really the crux of the matter isn't it. Energy prices are going to go up.

As business people we need to protect ourselves so that we and those who work for us can prosper in this new energy economic order. We can't wait for government incentives. From building owners to auto fleet owners, each is going to have to individually put a plan together to minimize the impact of higher energy prices..... before they suddenly appear.

What is your plan? Have you done an energy audit?

What is your timeline? The sooner the better.

Don Madden

June 17, 2011    View Comment