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On An Argument For Renewable Energy, And Response To Robert Bryce


Thanks for your comment.  I don't think this is an oversimplification to suggest that clean energy can fuel electric cars, and it is certainly not "wrong."  First, I do recognize that petroleum and other carbon emitting fuels may have a place in the energy future of the United States.  I do not propose a wholesale elimination of carbon emitting fuel.  However, our efforts should focus on moving to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.  There are issues with heavy metals in batteries, and the range of vehicles.  But, battery swap business models such as that at Better Place, and increases in battery technology are addressing these issues.  Further investment in these areas will yield greater innovation (and jobs).  Your suggestion that we need to increase domestic oil production and transition to natural gas in transportation ignores the fact that these efforts will also likely take 10 years to scale.  Even if it takes 10 years for sustainable energy to scale, at the end of that time do we want clean limitless energy, or energy that we have to constantly mine, refine, and transport?

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