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On How Dark Matter and Nanotechnology can Help Transform the Global Energy System

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for your interest in the article. 

The story is written as a conceptual "think piece" based on my fascinating interview with Under Secretary Orr. Two direct applications for nanotechnology - particularly with regard to additive manufacturing – in existing energy systems are clearly exemplified. The ability to directly use dark matter and/or dark energy in our energy systems is unclear and may likely never become reality. However, research into these phenomena can produce ancillary discoveries and/or enhanced knowledge of physics that can be applied to some of the world’s energy challenges.

The article is reproduced exactly as originally written and published on Breaking Energy. I think you nailed the spirit of the piece in that it covers how excitement about these concepts – and many others – might help transform energy systems. Perhaps the word “research” could have been added to the headline, but it was already kind of long and I hoped the reader would get the point, which it appears that you did.

I too am cautious about getting excited over pie-in-the-sky ideas and firmly maintain that seeing is believing. In this instance, the crosscuts being encouraged between national science research programs are a reality that can hopefully optimize and enhance discovery value by illuminating interdisciplinary applications that might otherwise be missed or delayed.

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On Energy Quote of the Day: "Baloney and Rubbish"

The fact that he said oil prices would never again breach $100/bbl is interesting and provacative. I certainly don't take everything the prince says at face value, recognizing he has his own motivations as an investor. However, I do agree with him in this case and do not think the Saudis are engineering an oil price decline in order to punish Russia. 

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