What an ethanol blender pump for flex fuel vehicles looks like

What an ethanol blender pump for flex fuel vehicles looks like.

Every time I see the opening of a new E85 station I imagine Henry Ford flipping the bird to Standard Oil in the afterlife. The Model T was originally built to run on ethanol but prohibition made it impossible to continue to manufacture cars for anything but gasoline and diesel. Sadly, there are still entire states without any access to gasoline blended with more than 10-15% ethanol.

Here we are nearly 90 years later. The cost of adding the mechanism that allows a modern engine to sense the amount of fuel in the line and adjust the fuel/air ratio accordingly costs less than $50. Nearly all cars sold today are able to run on significantly cheaper E85 as an option to gasoline and lower ethanol blends.

Thanks to the efforts of Growth Energy and Gulf Oil,, residents of Long Island will get a chance to save some cash at the pump and help make Henry Ford’s vision of an America running entirely on domestic fuel a reality. Together with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the Department of Energy, they have installed 4 new blender pumps at stations in Long Island that will save consumers a significant amount of money every time they fill up.

If you’re from Long Island, or just passing through, check out the list of four new E85 blender pump sites in the Growth Energy Press Release or have a look at the more complete list of E85 refueling stations across the country.