As if to retain some form of pride with the acute awareness that not only does China own a majority of our debt, they most certainly will overtake the United States in terms of economies somewhere in the near future. America’s rebuttal: the academic system in China is not producing innovation due to selection based on skills. Sad truth is that this reactionary system may be the best course of action for China to take as a nation, and this is why we as a nation need to continue to discover the ways to refine business and green awareness. China will not. This can be our trophy on the mantle as the world will most decidedly continue to create greener standards.

Currently China has no need to innovate. Having seen America grow to the level it is at currently which in all likelihood is a standstill in growth they only need to take the innovation we have struggled with for decades and paid severe tolls to learn and introduce them to their society. They can simply skip decades of time in comparison to our growth. This allows them to grow at the rate they are and they will not need to change this policy until they have issues with continual growth. This slowdown in growth is yet to appear in the horizon.

China will be able to become the largest economy without innovation. However, consider this; as the Chinese economy continually grows, positions will be filled and growth will eventually slow, leading to lack of positions and if they can trade off designated positions for choice. This is considered to be the stimulant for innovation they can attain the title of largest economy before they even begin to innovate the world through their progress.

Granted this process is no easy task, however, I believe there is no doubt that it can be done. Much like building a strong house, China may well be sacrificing innovation to ensure they have the perfect foundation by placing the best in brightest where they fit in best not where they wish to be the most. Next, they can move to insulation before transitioning into decorating. I personally am excited for what is good for one nation is good for society (assuming you define good in a rational, fundamental way).

As a nation, the United States has likely hit a period of non-growth and in doing so will step down as a powerhouse in growth and as an economy.  If it can sustain itself long enough to allow it to gain the ability to learn from China and without a doubt other nations growth and economical decision making,

it can achieve growth again in the future without costly drawbacks from learning while doing. This is much like a knockoff pharmaceutical company that allows the larger companies to spend copious amount of resources and energy into R and D to create a revolutionary pill and then copy the ingredients and reaping the rewards available in the market with lower pricing.

Using this as our compass it is a matter of time before cost savings transfer more and more to China. We need to innovate green business now as a leader for the future and not a yardstick of the past looking at business processes to strictly save money. As an information society, we have this ability and we can be a global frontrunner, leading to rises in manufacturing and exports, if we become the go to country for green standards.

Written by: Benjamin H. Childers