We had over 50 people register for the webinar and over 40 of them were still with us at the 90 minute mark.  Another 15 people listened in on an 800 phone line.

Jaczko and I sat at at the corner of a table to facilitate the video angle (1 camera). The NRC will post a video and podcast of the session on its webiste.

Dan Yurman (left) American Nuclear Society, and NRC Chairmain Gregory Jaczko (right) at a webinar session for nuclear bloggers held Oct 3.  Over 60 people heard the 90 minute live session. (Photo credit: NRC)

I came to the session with over five pages of questions. Questions which were not answered in the 90 minute session will be answer over time on the NRC blog.

Under the ground rules that Laura Scheele, ANS negotiated with the NRC, as moderator, I had the discretion to ask the questions in any order I felt prudent and to ask follow-up questions.  Over a third of the questions were follow-up.

Links to NRC Video, Audio, and Transcript

Bigger than a breadbox

For our first of a kind event, at least as far as the NRC is concerned, we had a small mob scene behind the microphones.  Those in the room included;

• Eliot Brenner, the NRC Chief of Public Affairs,
• Two aides to Jaczko including his chief of staff,
• An NRC IT guy to run the webinar software
• Two people from NRC running the video and sound recording equipment for the video and podcasts that will be posted on the NRC website, one of the them also took a series of candid photos (see above).
• Fritz Schneider of Clark Communications
• Laura Scheele, American Nuclear Society

Post Webinar News media & blog coverage 

The webinar was a collaborative effort of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the American Nuclear Society.  Laura Scheele, Manager of Policy & Communication, led the effort for ANS.

Something you may not know about me . . . I worked in talk radio in New York in the 60s when I was in college and in news in radio in the 70s in Denver.

  It was a bit of a blast from the past to be back in front of a microphone in a live session. I enjoyed every minute. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

# # #