robynRobyn Williams is the distinguished host of one of the best radio shows that aims to popularize science that exists in the world.  Based in Australia, he’s been interviewing climate scientists for more than 30 years. 

He started and ended his “The Science Show” podcast this week by playing bits from the rap song “I’m a climate scientist”, by Hungry Beast.  The Science Show aired a warning just as the song was cued up:  This song contains language that could offend some listeners”.  Robyn (tongue in cheek) claimed the song was his show’s “new theme song”. 

A music video of the song, with a number of actual Australian climate scientists lip syncing and performing can be seen on Youtube. 

A few screenshots of the video:


"I’m an 'effing' climate scientist!”









The Green house effect is just a theory sucker…”









“Yeah so is gravity – float away mother f*cker!”