Con Ed substation explosion during Superstorm Sandy

by Rod Adams

When a ConEd substation in Manhattan's East Village exploded, 230,000 to 250,000 residents in parts of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn lost power for days and weeks on end. Great post, and informative video brought to us by Rod Adams.

How Much Oil is Left in the World?

by Robert Rapier

This excellent article highlights that despite the growth in oil production over the years, reserves continue to grow. It also gives a handy overview of where those reserves are primarily located and what that means for geopolitics in the next few decades.

Can We Replace U.S. Coal Power with Clean Energy?

by John Miller

As a result of stringent new EPA CO2 emissions rules, most new coal power plant projects were cancelled in 2012 and many existing coal plants are expected to shutdown prematurely. This post discusses the implications of that decision for both the coal and the renewables industry and whether renewables are able to plug the hole left by coal.

How Much Does Nuclear Power Actually Cost?

by Barry Brook

It does not take long in any discussion of nuclear power before people want to talk turkey. How much does nuclear power cost? Great look at the discussion surrounding energy economics, not just those in nuclear power.

The "Four-Gallon Rule": Another Unintended Consequence of Ethanol Policy

by Geoffrey Styles

Is the US emphasis on corn ethanol and by extension the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) working? Or is it just another costful subsidy for the out-of-control farm lobby? And will a recent EPA regulation force you to purchase at least four gallons of gas at the pump? Thoughtful analysis, as always, from Geoff Styles.

Assessing Arun Majumdar's Legacy at ARPA-E

by Clifton Yin

When Arun Majumdar, head of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) since October 2009, stepped down in May, Bill Gates tweeted out this post by Clifton Yin in support and thanks to and of Arun. The innovative DOE offshoot has invested hundreds of millions in high risk, high reward disruptive energy technologies with the goal of bringing them closer to commercialisation.

Honda Accord Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid Get New Details, Release Date

by Nino Marchetti

Honda, at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, unveiled additional information about hybrid plans for its popular Accord sedan. Honda is trying to play catch-up to hybrid juggernaut Toyota, and hopes that the Accord will be just the ticket.

Why Are Gasoline Prices So High in February?

by Geoffrey Styles

Gas prices in February 2012 were the highest ever recorded for that month, indicating that commodity speculation and other factors are actually not as a relevant to gas prices as previously thought. Worryingly, at the time this article was written, gas prices had set records every month since October of 2011.

Is the “Weak Force” the Key to LENR?

by Neal Dikeman

In the early part of the 20th Century physicists theorized that a mysterious force held the nucleus of an atom together. Since then, the challenge of harnessing the energy locked in the nucleus of the atom for useful purposes has become the “holy grail” of scientific endeavor. But could another, more subtle, “fundamental force” hold the key to our energy future?

On Wind Turbine Noise and Air Pressure Pulses

by Willem Post

A particularly thought-provoking and data-rich piece from Willem Post on wind turbines and what they do to their neighbouring communities. The discussion in the comments is especially worth taking a look at.

Image: Best of 2012 via Shutterstock