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Warehousing costs can account for almost 10% of a company’s revenue, with heating and lighting the two largest energy users. Clearly, warehouse-heavy businesses could benefit from more efficient lighting and HVAC systems. Induction lighting is one possibility that may cost more upfront, but could reduce operational costs over the longer term.

Here’s what the US Department of Energy says about induction lighting:

Induction lighting is one of the best kept secrets in energy-efficient lighting. Simply stated, induction lighting is essentially a fluorescent light without electrodes or filaments, the items that frequently cause other bulbs to burn out quickly. Thus, many induction lighting units have an extremely long life of up to 100,000 hours. To put this in perspective, an induction lighting system lasting 100,000 hours will last more than 11 years in continuous 24/7 operation, and 25 years if operated 10 hours a day. – DOE

Some additional benefits are described in this infographic, courtesy of sustainable energy products provider Adattsi:

warehouse efficiency

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