I'm armed with a redbull and committing to a long night watching the Climate Reality Project. Updates are coming here!

Already we have been to Mexico City, Boulder, CO, and Victoria, British Columbia. I have learned much from each presenter, and am excited to keep traveling.

And, as I watch this reality, I am overwhelmed with emotion. 

I feel sad for 10-14 year olds- the hottest summers of our history is their reality.

I feel angry that industry, instead of dealing with climate change, is spreading doubt through "red herrings." 

I feel overwhelmed with hope and optimism- we already have the policy solutions to mitigate climate change, we just have to enact them.

I also have questions to ask:

What are we going to do about the floods that are occurring with increasing frequency? Remember Pakistan, India, China, Columbia, Australia, and Korea's floods last year? How many people did those floods displace? How many homes ruined?

And the droughts? They are happening more often, longer, and deeper. They are killing our people, livestock, and wildlife. 

What about the fires in Russia last year? What about the fires in Texas today?

This reality makes me want to act. Because the reality is that climate change isn't a political problem, it's a human one. 


By Radha Adhar, Program Assistant, Washington, DC